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Lost Credit Card. Outstanding Fees. What are my options?

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Arresto Menor
Last September 2011, I lost my purse (all cards) as well as mobile phone. I immediately called the banks to report the loss. No problem there.

I then called one of the banks about 2 weeks later (October) after the loss since I can no longer access the online facility to get my credit card statement. I've asked the bank to send me a copy of my credit card statement. I also asked if they could just provide me with the transactions online to which I was informed that they would be unable to do so. I then provided them with my new mobile number and asked that they give me a call.

Several days later, I received a call from one of the banks agents and was advised to just pay the minimum amount. I informed the agent that I asked for the bank to call me so that they can provide me with the transactions. The agent, who was very rude, just kept pushing me to pay for the minimum. I replied I never pay minimum, I always pay in full so can they please just provide me with the transaction details (considering I lost my credit card). We didn't get anywhere with that call.

So I again, called the bank, and thankfully was able to get the breakdown of the transactions. unfortunately, by that time, I was already slapped with finance charges, late fee, replacement for lost card (until now, I don't have it), and advance annual fee (which I'm not willing to pay since I'd like to have card cancelled anyway). I wasn't happy to find all of these on top of my purchases. So I calculated how much I actually owed them and paid the full amount then and there (minus the other charges I was slapped with). I also asked the bank to cancel my credit card which they couldn't do unless I've made payment. So I called the bank a couple of weeks after to which I was informed that they couldn't close the account. I asked them how much was my outstanding considering... Bottomline, I ended up paying an additional PhP 600.00 that day. It was my understanding that that was enough to close the account. I was informed by the agent to call again to verify that the account has been closed.

I called several days later and was informed that the account was still being reviewed. This was November.

Decemeber, I didn't receive a call from the bank.

Come January this year, the bank has been calling me everyday! I jokingly say to my husband that the bank is my new alarm clock. Turns out I've been duped into paying the minimum(!) back in November and my account has been accruing charges and late fees since! What's my recourse on this? Now, the balance is at PhP 4,000.00 thereabouts but I'm not happy paying this considering that these are all just charges really which has been accruing since last year. I would like to get a copy of that call with the particular agent who, from my understanding, agreed to closing the account when I paid the additional PhP 600! Please, I need legal advise on my options here.

Thank you!

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