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Cyber Crime Bullying

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1 Cyber Crime Bullying on Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:07 pm


Arresto Menor
I like to ask your advice on my problem.

I've been working as Online Marketer for how many years. I am dedicated to my work in order to produce a good quality / output for my clients. I respect other opinions in this field. I am open & ready to accept how people criticize my work.

But two months ago, I met a group of people here in my present address. Since that time I can't find a work.. I decided to join with them. I shared my knowledge to them about Online Marketer & even created a site to attract possible clients using my name. Lucky to us.. because before christmas we already have 1 client. They worked the online marketing part & I worked the social media page. I shared to them some strategy / techniques about online marketing. As days go by, they started suspected me about our work because they didn't see me a day.. because I went to Bohol to accompanied my girlfriend to offer a candle in Birhen sa Kalooy. Then the next day, I can't log-in on our Odesk account. They change password. Not only the Freelance site where we have a client, but also the other accounts except the facebook. I talked to them via skype.. I asked them what's happening & why I can't log-in.. they told me this - "putang ina mo, wala kaming kamalay-malay dahan-dahan mo kinukuha ang client na patago, lahat ng tinuro mo sa amin ay hindi tutuo puro mali pala, akala mo malilinlang mo kami sa mga technique mong bulok, na paka bobo mo." - I tried to explain them what's happening & defend myself.. but they didn't listened to me. They asked me to go on there place where they live so we can talked & fix the problem. But I didn't because the time they give to me is too late in the evening. My girlfriend advised me not to go because she feels there will be something bad will happened on that night & she told me the area where they live is not safe. So, I decided to stay & follow the advised of my girlfriend. The following day, a day before the NLE exam..l I didn't show up again to them.. & I found out they really had a plan on me on that night. I was still lucky enough that I listened to my girlfriend advised. I was trying my best to explained to them my reason but seems they don't listened to me.. So, I choose not to talk anymore & be quite. Then, they started sending mails threatening me. I just ignored it because I know deep inside & in my mind I didn't do anything bad to them. And for me, if I keep on chatting / replying their mails they will not stop criticizing me. The day of NLE exam I decided not to showed up on them anymore. I decided to forget everything then move on. I was with my girlfriend in school to support her on that day when I found out they accused me being a scammer on my field of work, they posted negative threads in Community forums against me, they also used the name of our client as screen name against me, they accused me as a thief employee in my previous employer, they accused me also as one of a stupid employee in my hometown & etc., all the negative feedback that you want to hear in a worst person they stated / posted in the forum. But still, I remain quite & ignore them. Because for me.. 1st - I don't like to sink on there level, 2nd - if I'm going to post also my comments about what they posted the more problem will occur, 3rd - I don't like to argue because it was not my attitude. Then during the Sinulog fireworks competition night in SM, they asked me if we can met & talk but the problem is they don't want me to bring any body except myself. So, I doubted again.. I didn't replied on there post.. Its not just I don't like to settle the problem or avoiding them.. I am just protecting myself in any harm. I don't know what's on there mind.. for me its better to be safe.

Now the problem is getting worst.. They are using my name in the field of occupation as a scammer. They even create an account without my knowledge with this header "A Scammer" with my name. They also reported me at Scam Checker site as Scammer. I am trying to dispute the report but they are also posting negative comments there against me. I am losing my patience...

Please help me.. I like to ask an advise from you.. What will be the best thing I'm going to do with this.. it made me sick.. I think everyday they are looking a way to ruin my reputation. The fact that I didn't do anything to them. I am thinking to file a case against them or talk to them in front of a lawyer & let him sign an agreement.. I don't know if its okay. It was just my idea. Please help me.. Please.. Hope to hear from you..

*note all the evidence is my electronic mail, and I captured the thread from the forum, and also from the other site.

Thank you, for giving your time to read my message. Good night & God bless..

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