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1 PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION MEMO on Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:24 pm


Arresto Menor
I really need an advice. To describe my case as short as possible, I have recently been issued a memo that Im being placed for a preventive suspension due to alleged manipulation of my own attendance details.

Im actually part of HR department and I happen to have access to our time keeping system though my recent responsibilities do not require me to have one. The said access was initially granted to me as I was manning a department consisting of 2 subordinates and that I was also partially tasked to help the Payroll department. Due to various company management changes and politics, I had finally been reduced from supervisory level to subordinate tasks -something that I jst swallowed for the love of my job.

I had been recently tasked to meet targets and deadlines, hence, had been very busy and too preoccupied to negligently fail to log in and log out properly or not at all on the time keeping system. So, in my attempt not to have any issues in receiving any income on the anticipated pay day, I edited my log in and log out details without carefully considering if the changes I made were accurate. This was due to the fact that I did not have the luxury to recall or verify from other resources my exact time log details. Admittedly, I had also failed to notify my boss of the said changes.

With this, I am now being accused of dishonesty, fraud and insubordination. Below are my concerns:

1) How does my administrative rights on the time keeping system fall under all the allegations mentioned? Incidentally, the current management is not aware that I have such.

2) The screen shots and/or evidences presented have flaws and certain discrepancies in my favor as well. Apart from the consideration that the said web based system is not 100% accurate as most software which really requires u to correct data from time to time. Can I also use this as my defense?

3) I also feel like this is politically biased as the current management wants to recruit their preferred people. I am the only one left from the pioneer HR team. The others have been manipulated to leave. My boss even implies that Im in a sort of financial crisis that's why I had to falsify overtime work. I can produce witnesses of the OTs I rendered and that money is not the motive.

What do u think could be my best line of defence? I do not have intentions of staying in the company any longer (clearly, bec. Of the politics) but I still want to have a graceful exit as 3yrs in the BPO industry is no joke. I would really appreciate ur tips and advice. The admin hearing is on Monday unfortunately I haven't found a decent lawyer to personally consult yet.

Thank you for taking time. I would surely include all of u in my prayers.

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2 Re: PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION MEMO on Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:19 pm


1) you'll have to show how you were validly given those rights
try to argue that you were trying to make the records speak the truth as much as possible. prove your attendance with other proof. you may have data on ingress/egress from the building.

you can try to negotiate a resignation.

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