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Infedelity of my husband

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1 Infedelity of my husband on Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:59 pm


Arresto Menor
My husband whose having affair with another woman and had a child, what case will i filled to him? My husband still going home even he always went to that woman. actually he went to there house everyday and then go home very late. its started last year until now. thats why i leave our home together with my 2 kids. I told him not to go home anymore and let us stay in our house were he build it when he was still single, do i have the right to stay in that house and bond my husband not to stay in the house but he always resist,he's telling me he bought the house when he still single so i have no right to let him go away and not to come back. i should be the one to leave not him, is it right? but im the legal wife is in it i have the right to all his properties even he bought it when he still single? What case can i file to him?

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2 Re: Infedelity of my husband on Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:27 am


Arresto Mayor
Im not a lawyer,,, go and ask advice from FREE government Lawyer,,,, ask DSWD...

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Arresto Menor
my husband is currently working in dubai. its a law firm company in dubai. i have all the details about the company but not sure who's the right person to talk. about the infidelity of my husband to an Indonesia woman. i confirmed that they are staying together in dubai. And i have all pornographic evidence against them from my husband mobile. after bed with kiss mark to my husband body.
and the Indonesia woman right private message to me saying craziness, insulting me and other bad words. and dont complain not enough not enough. very bad woman.
what is her right to tell me don't complain?

as of now. i want my husband to send his obligation to my son. his giving monthly allowance. but not enough.. his earning 4600 dirhams monthly.
and sending to me (6800 pesos) only. before his sending to me 16000 pesos to 15000 pesos monthly. now that i found out his infidelity.
he make his obligation lower. and its not right.
the woman also send message to me that my husband just used and get married to me because he want to go to dubai. and i confirmed it to my husband.

im the one who bring my husband to dubai after married. i work hard so that i can bring him to dubai. we both have a driving license. and our son born in dubai. and i make mothers visa to my son. but when i got tired to my work i resign. i told him i will just taking care of our baby only for 1yr. then im coming back to dubai. but when i found out his infidelity.
he didn't help me to go back to dubai to have a work. so now i dont have a work. and his just sending 6800 pesos.
i work and sponsor my son in dubai i now how much the value of that money. I AM HIS WIFE A MOTHER OF HIS SON AND NOT A NANNY. im paying 1000 dirhams for the nanny of my son when were in dubai. and now his just sending 500 dirhams to 600 dirhams to me. THAT IS NOT RIGHT!
i dont care if his not coming back to us or he even he not helping me to go back to dubai to work. i went to dubai first with out his help. because im the one who help him. to ge there. so i can go back there i again the way i go there before. my relatives from dubai will help me.
but as of now I DONT HAVE a work. and every body knows from the Philippines that 6800 for a living is not enough. my son is only 3yrs old.
i want to have a connection to the company of my husband to dubai. so that there are the one will send to me the right obligation of my husband to us.
then if i have work again. i dont care if he dont send anymore i now that i can support my son as long as i came back to dubai for work.
then we can fill annulment.
or the company just send back my husband to the Philippines.

My husband is working as a messenger to a law firm in dubai short for P.M. opposite of trade center dubai.

I dont know whos person i need to talk inside the company.
but i was hoping that if they found out about this kind of problem.
Thay can help me and do an action and not just ignoring me. there are a law firm. they MUST DO THE RIGHT THING AND HELP the person like me.
thank u and more power

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4 Re: Infedelity of my husband on Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:20 am


Arresto Mayor
Please,,,, go and talk to the DSWD and a FREE Government Lawyer...

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5 Re: Infedelity of my husband on Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:37 am


dimple, if you can allege that he might hurt you or the children, you can file for a protection order so that he can be prevented from entering the property. you can also file a case of legal separation so that the properties can be declared yours.

chean, is your husband direct hire or through agency?

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6 Re: Infedelity of my husband on Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:23 am


Arresto Menor
Almondo wrote:Please,,,, go and talk to the DSWD and a FREE Government Lawyer...

It thought this is a free legal advise group that can assist or give us some idea in filling a case before we move to a real attorney at work.. Atleast we can hear your side. If DSWD or Free Goverment Lawyer can do the work then that's fine... Shocked

Thanks anyway...

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