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No child support from husband, conjugal properties taken..

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Arresto Menor
Gud evening attorney,

My husband is working abroad right now, we were married but we are "verbally" separated for almost a year now.

He came back because his fathered died last year, and borrowed my son.Because of the fact that he is the father of my son, I allowed him even if he did not ask directly for my permission, my mother just text while I was at work.

1 month passed, and he already left the country for work, my son is still on my mother-in-law's side.I cannot get back my son easily, that's why we decided to consult DSWD for help. We went to their local DSWD chief and we had confrontations. That's when I knew that my m-in-law is planning to enroll my child to school on their custody because according to them my child was "under nourished" and was on a "late development" stage.Of course, those are not true because I know how to take care of my son very well. There I was asking when can i get back my son but still they requested for another few weeks before they will give my son. They even questioned my capacity how can I support my kid, I am currently employed right now with salary enough to support my son. There I said to my m-in-laws in front of DSWD chief that I will not ask for money from their son to support my child. My husband believes and alleging me that if he will send support to his child I will just spend it to whoever guy I will be related. But the chieftain uttered that "it is the obligation of the father to give support to his child" no matter what and I also knew about that rule.
But my m-in-law told me that they will get an educational plan for my son instead of giving financial support.I did not oppose.

After that confrontation, finally i got my son back. Until now my husband doesn't communicate to me even with his son at my premises. There was no financial or even food support that came. He only talk to his son when he(my son) is on my m-in-law's place. They buy him toys and some food but those things even the food are not allowed to be taken by my son when i bring him back home to me. I heard my son one time requesting her lola to bring a toy gun but the lola just ignored it. I can feel that my husband is being manipulated by my m-in-law.

Also me and my husband had a joint account and few units of computer from a small business. All the extra money from his salary abroad was saved in our joint account. When he came home last year, he asked me to give all his money and cancel our joint account.I agreed because he will not stop until i give all his "pinaghirapan" on his single account. He and his relatives also took all the computer units and left me nothing, but with my permission because i do not want those materials things to be an issue.
But as a whole, I was also disappointed because I know those things are conjugal properties of ours.

I would be somehow relieved if you could help me about my questions;

1. How can I get child support from my husband? Or if not because its been a year that he has not supported the daily needs of my son, can i make it legally documented and thus make it grounds for denying his rights to make my son under his custody when he reaches 7 years old.

2. Do i still have legal rights on our conjugal properties that he took from me and what will i do?

3. I have a loaned lot from HDMF and is under my name but "married to my husband", since he took the above mentioned, can I prohibit my husband's rights from that lot and transfer the rights to my SON? What can I do?

4. Can it be considered as Child support when my son is playing the toys and eating foods when he is on his lola's place, assuming that those toys and foods are from his dad's money?

Thank you very much and more power!!

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1) send him demand letters for support then a complaint of economic abuse under ra 9262

2) that will require you filing a case in court

3) yes, after legal separation, separation of property or annulment of marriage

4) partly, yes

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Arresto Menor
Thank you very much.and more power!!

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