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slight physical injury on men

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1 slight physical injury on men on Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:09 am


Arresto Menor
an incident happened last Friday night, March 30, 2012.
i have this girl that is accusing me of one of my friends called her sl*T, her hearing it through the phone and getting very mad at me and telling me that she'll hunt me that me night where ever i go and telling me that she'll break my face.
to end the cursing and threatening, i decided to go to the girl's location and confront her about her problem. i asked her "ano ba gusto mo mangyari talaga?" the she answered me "gusto ko basagin yang mukha mo!" for the commotion to stop, i said "sige!" then she punched me all over my face, my ears, and all over my head. then i was just screaming "tama na! tama na" because i know i can't hit her even if she's punching me in the face. then she tried to kick me on my organ below my belt, as a natural instinct, i held her foot before she tried to kick me making r body unbalanced and making her head hit the ground. then after hitting the ground she stood and called his two cousins through the phone telling them to come to her, they were just upstairs on the bar they're staying. then i held her and told her to to stop but she did not stop, hitting and hitting me still in the face making her more likely to hit me. i'm just screaming "tama na!" then her cousins were just watching us, watching her hit and hit me telling me to fly off or they will hit me. after couple of more punches and assault i ran off the guard house of the compound informing the guards of the incident. but these guards did nothing about me, they thought i was the one making trouble of their place and telling me too to fly off the place. i was about to give up and just fly off, i was just sitting beside the guard house when some hit me in the head. this insane girl didn't stop and hit me with a dust pan making the back of my head swelling and bleeding. then the guards were still persistent i was the making trouble in their place. i have no choice but to call my friend that i know living in that area, for her to call the police and respond about the incident. i asked the guards if they have the contact number of the nearest police station and them answering me they don't know the number. and that i called my friend near the are for her to call of go to the nearest police station in their area for them to respond. after couple of calls regarding the situation, the police responded and came into place and asking me where is the girl who assaulted me. i told them her location and they held her and asked to come with us to the police station. after she came down from the the bar, she was still yelling "ano kulang pa?! kulang paba yan?"
in the police station, upon arrival the girl arrrived with the words of "actually, kami po talaga ang magrereklamo sa tao na yan!"
as the investigators asked her about what happened, she just told the investigator everything and turning around everything against me. showing her hands seriously swelling because of the deed of punching my face.
then its my turn, the investigator asked me what happened. told them what i know really happened.
to the awareness of the act on violence against women, she gained this confidence that i was really the one have to be charged of assault and violence against women.
the police told us to settle things and just talk, but this girl just can't stop. telling me and feeding my mind i was the one who is being charged of. for the commotion just to stop, i decided not to talked anymore and just let that night pass for the agreement of " she won't file a case against me if ill show my girlfriend to her and talk to my girlfriend. i really don't know the sense of why she want or to talk to my girlfriend.
for the commotion to stop, i just agreed and signed on the blotter. but telling her that i'll show her my girlfriend in time but not that time (2:00 AM)
before i decided to go home, my friend told me to get a medico-legal from the nearest hospital in our area. for me having the proof of i was assaulted and had serious injuries an to have an evidence when i charge a case against her.
i was just want to know what i really need to do because i am confused of filing a case because i was assaulted by a woman and still want to charge me of physical injury even if we both know who really is assaulting another.
i'm planning to file the charge of physical injury and asking the court to gain a protection for my safety of her not doing the violent act to me again. i want to know what really do i have to do about this.
yes i am a guy but a woman seriously assaulted me inflicting serious injuries and i want my right to be recognized because even if i am a guy.

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2 Re: slight physical injury on men on Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:46 pm


you already know what you need to do. get a medico-legal report. then if you both live in the same city, file a case at her bgy. if not go direct to the prosecutor's office.

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