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1 LATERAL TRANSFERS on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:12 pm

Confused Employee

Arresto Menor
I work for a BPO company. One account, three LOBs
(Line of Business). This account used to belong to
another BPO company. We have two team leaders. 1
externally hired and another internally hired. We
have 4 Team Advisors. All of them were rebadged
from the previous BPO company. In short, they were
pirated. The Client offered them bigger salaries.
Most of the employees belonging to the account were
convinced to transfer. Most of them declined due to
site proximity issues. That's when they hired us.
We were trained and certified under 1 LOB. We were
regularized as of Feb 22. A few months ago we were
informed that our LOB is overstaffed. Having that
in mind we worked hard to achieve better stats.
Better scores mean better chances of continuous
employment. We dont want to lose our job. Our
company's client merged their business with another
company that has the same line of business last
year. All three LOBs attend to the needs of our
Client's employees. With the merge of the two
companies, it only meant that we're about to cater
to a bigger number of employees. BUT we are
OVERSTAFFED, that's what management says. The other
LOB on the other hand is understaffed. They need 4
people. As what my team leader claims, the Client
has decided to transfer 4 people from our LOB to
the other LOB. Lateral transfer. That's how they
call it. Final and executory. We're overstaffed,
fine.So they need to let go of four people. Several
of us were asked if we would voluntarily transfer.
We were asked what we'd do if we will be
transferred to another LOB. Most of us thought we
were safe, after all it will be based on stack
ranking. Bottom performers are the first ones to go
since we are pretty much aware that each of us are
accountable for our own scores. They actually got
the same answers from all of us. If based on stack
ranking we're conisdered a bottom performer, then
yes we cant refuse the transfer. But if we're
performing well and we're going to be transferred
just because the client said so and there's not
even an increase with the salary, then we'd rather
resign. It took us how many months to complete the
training. We've worked hard to pass the exams. The
training was really stressful. But what's most
important is that we already learned to love our
job. Most of us are call center veterans. It's not
every day you'd get the chance to find a job you
know you genuinely care for. It's not everyday that
you get a chance to say that you've finally found
the job you're meant to do. And for them to say
that we'll be transferred no matter what is just
plain insensitive. This lateral transfer is like
quitting a job, finding a new one and going through
a whole new different training. We delivered what
was asked of us, we didnt fail any metrics. We gave
good scores. We're dedicated in what we do. Which
of those spell I WANT A NEW JOB?
This LOB where 4 of
us will soon be transferred, will make us
cross/multi skilled, there should be monetary
compensation. Bottom performers however, may not be
able to ask for monetary compensation. The company,
instead of letting them go will do them a favor by
transferring them to another LOB
We have two teams
in our LOB. 2 people will be chucked from each
team. 4 bottom performer's names were submitted.
The understaffed LOB refused to take the 4 people
who were on the list because they are bottom
performers. They need reliable people. They need
fast learners. And so they left the deliberation
pending. They told us the client will choose
randomly. The next few days left all of us (agents)
restless. It was agonizing to be exact. Then the
account's Operations Manager assured us that there
will be no lateral transfers anymore. They will
just hire new trainees. 6 new trainees to be exact.
Early this morning they announced the client
changed their minds and decided to drop the 6 new
hires and just proceed with the lateral transfer.
Top performers were spared. We discovered that 3
bottom performers were saved by our Team Leaders.
Those on the list are mid performers. It's unfair
on our part knowing that we did our best to make
good scores and manage our attendance to secure the
job that we have only to find out that it was not
enough to guarantee our stay. Sadly, these people
have consistently been late and absent. Lazy most
of the time. And they get to stay. It hurts and it
is demoralizing.

Furthermore, we've confirmed while all this is happening that the company contacted 2 former employees, those who declined the offer due to proximity issues. They were asked to submit their resumes. Their refresher training will start same as the start date of our training for the other LOB. If we are overstaffed, why then are they hiring two more? Was it because they're more tenured than us? But we're regular employees, dont we have a say on this? Is this just their way of getting rid of us?

Our Team Leader told us that the client does not care if we resign. The doors are open. And our Team Leaders kept claiming they tried to fight for us. How are we supposed to verify that if they have not been transparent eversince?

"Sa call center, change is inevitable" Maliit na bagay lang to wag na palakihin. That's what our Team Leaders and Operations manager told us. Does it mean we dont have a right to say no? Does it mean we have to blindly follow? From what I remember, it was never discussed in our new hire orientation that they could transfer you just like that whenever they want to. If what's stated in our contract is misleading, does that mean they can get away with it? I need advice. I really am confused. This is becoming mentally and emotionally draining.
Ahente lang ba kasi kami kaya ganito na lang?

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2 Re: LATERAL TRANSFERS on Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:29 pm


transfers, if done in good faith, are within the management prerogative.

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