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hospital detaining patients //excessive doctors fee ///Promissory note.. and pdc

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Arresto Menor
My mom was admitted Feb 4,2012 until now she's still at New Divine Mercy Hospital, she was ordered to be discharged, however the total BILL is 1,099,870.01, she stayed in ICU, then was xferred to private room since its not advisable for her to stay in a ward, because the first 2 months she was still connected with cardiac monitor and ventilator, and she has a hole on her neck, for suction purposes.. she can easily get virus since she has only one lung functioning

we were able to pay PHP 749,500.00, still has a balance of PHP 286,208.42 less senior less discounts// were trying to negotiate if we can do Promissory note for the remaining thru post dated check, installment for 4 months, but theyre not cooperating.. what legal actions can we take from here.. republic act 9439 excludes private room... we cant take a risk transferring her to a ward, because of the hole on her neck.

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Arresto Menor
Professional fee ng mga doctor for 2 months (room visit)

PULMO 200,000 room visit/prescriptions
GASTRO 64,000 room visit/prescriptions
SURGEON 87,500 sya ung nagopera pra maglagay hole sa neck

sobrang taas.. gusto puro cash lahat..

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try writing letters to the doctors. i know of one instance that the family forced their way out but left a promissory note. the hospital did not file a case because they paid soon after.

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Arresto Menor
yun pong sa pulmo na 200k, payag po sa arrangement pero gusto
50% cash , 50% pdc na

ung gastro na. 64k,, gusto cash lahat agad ,

ung surgeon.. lng po pumayag na 10k muna den the rest pdc//

ayaw napo ng PN.. nung gastro ,, pulmo

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Arresto Menor
Hi, we just wanted to ask help and advise in our case about our son who is still in the hospital. Allow me to tell you our story.

Neohm Abel was born April 21, 2013 together w/ his twin Theon Abel at 7 months (AOG). Twins were born at 0.9kl and 1.1kl. We were full of grief when Theon Abel expired after 48hours while Neohm Abel survived for his life who is still the hospital.
This totally unexpected event caught us in financial crisis. We were preparing for delivery since we knew that I am pregnant w/ twins but this has put us in unwanted situation on monetary aspect. We had exhausted all our resources, from our savings to asking help from our families, relatives and friends to pay for the bills in the hospital. Every day we are challenge financially for our Neohm’s medicine. They closed our account in the hospital after a week because of the huge amount of our hospital bill.
Seeking Help/Assistance for Detaining Patient (Baby) in the Hospital

Currently Neohm is out of danger already after more than a month of being in oxygen support and ventilator, he also had 5 blood transfusion.

It was the 5th blood transfusion when the hospital wanted us to transfer our
son in a government hospital and the head of the billing even ask the head nurse of the nursery department to transfer our son w/out consent but the head nurse did not allow it, billing head told us to produce 250 thousand pesos in order for our son to stay in the hospital, our bill that time is 500 thousand pesos already.

We are able to raise 180 thousand only, that same day they wanted us to transfer our son we are asking the head of the billing what will happen if we cannot produce the money she is demanding, she just keep on saying that we need to produce the said amount, she did not explain what will happen since we are already willing to transfer. the next day the billing head is not around, the head nurse is the one who help us and said that we don't need to transfer our son. It was July 11, 2013 when the doctor advise for
discharge after he reach 1.8 kl, our bill was 400+ thousand including Professional Fees, we received help from PCSO of 124 thousand pesos, we tried to ask the hospital for consideration to release our child and we will signed Promisory Note and pay not less than 10 thousand a month because we really don't know where to ask resources to pay our bill. The head of the billing told us that the hospital don't accept collateral anymore and they want cash. It's been 7 weeks now that our son was discharged but still in the hospital, they even told us that I cannot stay overnight anymore to be w/ my son, and advise to limit my visit from 30 mins to 1 hr only, Everyday I cry and worried for my son specially that he is growing fast he needs more attention and we missed a lot of his growth. We send a letter to the hospital and begging to release our son last Monday, we advise them that we are uncertain if we can pay them in full since my husband's loan in the bank
was declined twice because he is just earning 40 thousand pesos and the bank's requirement is 50 thousand pesos for the basic salary, now he apply again for personal loan but it is uncertain.

Now we will seek for legal advise because we knew that Hospital's are not allowed to detain patients due to unsettle bill, It's been 7 weeks already and we haven't heard anything from the hospital. We don't know when they will allow our son to be w/us.
We are asking advise if what we can do? Whom we can ask for Help?

This situation is not easy for us, we know that we have obligation to pay the hospital, but as much as we want to pay them in full, we don't have resources
anymore, our relatives declined for help already, we even have a lot of debt now, we don't want this situation but God allow's it, but we know that there's always a purpose.
It's so difficult for us that our baby is 4 months old and we cannot take him home because of monetary aspect. Our son needs your help, we need your help for us to be together to be called a happy family.

We win we will praise God, We lose we will still praise God
In all weather of our life , we will always honor and be thankful to God!
Thank You

Corrine Gail Lopez
09153524429 / 09064420101

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