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Illegal Dismissal

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1 Illegal Dismissal on Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:12 pm


Arresto Menor
I would just like to ask about illegal dismissal.

I work as a call center agent and there is this incident where in we needed to change our key performance indicators to meet client demands.

Of course we were trying to find a run around to meet goals.
The change was effective the month of april.
The first week of april, we did what we did, and we didn't think it was THAT bad, because it wasnt communicated to us.

Then, april 3rd, an email was sent, saying there isnt any shortcuts to being the best, but still wasn't communicated that what we were doing was VERY VERY WRONG.

Then april 20th, we were sent a communication, that it is indeed a grave offense.

Now we are being punished for what we did not think had any bearing, because the communication was sent the 20th, and we are being held liable for the first week of april.

In my opinion, we shouldn't be held liable for that right, because it was the managements fault, they KNOW what we were doing the first week of april, but they didn't do anything about it.

Then when the management, specifically the operations manager was being questioned by the client, the OM sent that communication on the 20th, then now, they are wanting us to explain our side, but if they didnt like our explanation, they will terminate us.
They are also hiring 15 people to replace us.
So, i really think they are gonna terminate us no matter what.

Please I need help. I love my job, we wouldn't be looking for a runaround to be the best if we didnt love our job.

What can we do to keep our job, please help!

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2 Re: Illegal Dismissal on Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:03 pm


what were you doing, and how would you prove that management knew and condoned it?

if this is something like dropping calls to improve aht, then it is within management prerogative to terminate erring employees.

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3 Re: Illegal Dismissal on Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:52 pm


Arresto Menor
attyLLL wrote:what were you doing, and how would you prove that management knew and condoned it?

if this is something like dropping calls to improve aht, then it is within management prerogative to terminate erring employees.

No, I know for a fact that releasing, and disconnecting calls on purpose is indeed terminable. But then again, it is made clear when you sign the contract, and go through training, that releasing or disconnecting calls is terminable.

It's hard to explain, but..

We have two main tools to use in assisting our customers.

Let's call them, Tool 1 and Tool 2.

Tool 1 wasn't used that much before, in fact, it was highly disregarded. Tool 2 was actually the main tool, its what we use to review accounts, and actually MAKE or DO the changes in the account.

Now, both tools can leave notes in the same account.

March came, and the client introduced new KPIs, or Stats,requiring some changes on how things get done behind the scene. Now before this, the Quality of a Call is the main concern. We didn't care much about leaving notes in Tool 1, as it was just less 5 points in the quality score.

April came, the new KPI is now effectively included in our scorecard, and of course old habits die hard, we still didn't use Tool 1, but it wasn't communicated to us that we need to use tool 1 to leave notes in the account, well not until there was a red alert from the client, which was communicated to us, April 20th 2012.

As stated in my original post, we are being held liable for not using Tool1 for the first week of april, but when they generated a report for the third week, after we were informed that Tool 1 needs to be used all the time, they didn't see a single person not using Tool 1 anymore.

I just think it is unfair that we be held liable for things we were unaware of.

The bosses knows, because in our quality evaluations, our consistent mark down is not using Tool 1 to note the account, and they generate a report about our mark downs every week. So I am positively sure that they are aware of it beforehand, but didn't do anything to correct it the first week of April.

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