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i wanted to sue my employer.

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1 i wanted to sue my employer. on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:45 pm


Arresto Menor
I wanted to sue the company I'm currently working with, but I dont know what to charge them..

here's my situation:

i started working last april 25, 2012 as a showroom officer in a new real estate company running for 6 mos now, wherein my good friend is the showroom manager who referred me. She then was deployed in the province until now as a substitute for our site manager there.

They have considered me because i have more than 2 years of direct experience working in real estate showroom. i have told them that my expected salary is from 18k-20k which was confirmed by my manager fiend and she added that i'm subject to transportation and dress allowances. I immediately started working without training, and work without signed contract and a definite package.

i was assigned in the showroom located away from our head office, despite my efforts to follow up my contract. they have failed to have me signed.

the showroom hours is from 8am-11pm, in the first week we are 2 officers facilitating the showroom, working on shifts but my coworker was demoted and send back to the head office to be a receptionist, since she left for almost one month i have been working 15 hours a day from 8am-11pm not to mention forced OT whenever there's an event and doesnt have day off. they left me without an option, since i dont want to disappoint my good friend manager and i have already get along with the rest of the team. i have put my trust in the company.

during my duration i have encountered so many problems, because the showroom is new,i started from scratch and operate the showroom all by myself. stress also arises because my safety is being compromised, there are instances that the wiring from our power supply trips and was burnt due to overloaded electricity, plus we dont have our own toilet, working so late considering i'm a woman and live 2 hr travel time from work. and there are so many bosses who instructs you, basically the company is in chaos because its still a baby company. my expenses everyday is 350php not to mention my cab fares worth 270php every night, as well as my personal mobile phone i use for business transaction which cost me almost 4k+ for just one month according to my monthly billing.

Finally i have my reliever started to report on duty last may 25, but i worked 15 hours a day still because, she still cant operate the showroom alone and ask her to attend the training first.

i was expecting my supposed first salary last May 31, 2012. because they have informed me that the cutoff dates are in this manner. 1-15 is the inclusive dates for the 30th payroll and 16-30/31 is for the 15th payroll. since i was employed last april 25, 2012 i was expecting my 1 cut off and 6 days worth of salary on 31st of may which i didnt received. i am so furious because i have offered so much in this company which doesnt give me the compensation i deserve. i know the first person to blame here is me, for being stupid enough to trust them.

june 1, i told them that i'm not going to be able to report on duty because i dont have anymore money to support me and i wanted to resigned. but again i have given the company another chance extending my service because the department i'm with are good people, they ask me to stay and will work on my salary to be given asap. they told me that my contract is ready so i signed my contract last june 4 2012 after working for more than a month now, and to my surprise i was given a package i dont deserve lower than my expected salary. i told the HR head that i would resigned instead because there is no point of working in insufficient rate because my estimated monthly expenses is about 10500php. i told her about my expected salary and the allowances mention by my manager friend. she told me that she will coordinate my concern after 3 mos. if i'll be willing to stay long enough for the evaluation and the increase, for the mean time she wants me to sign the stupid contract because they will not process my salary once they process my appeal. since i needed money to support my family i signed. she also told me that i'll be expecting my salary this coming june 15,2012. wtf! what happened to working on my salary asap?

i'm so angry with the company that i wanted to file a case to them. its very timing that i have my reliever already so i cannot haggle with my package.

they deliberately delayed my salary which arises so many financial problems and stress. imagine working without a contract and definite package for more than a month, have i not proven enough what i can give with this company even without supervision. plus salary after working 1 month and 3 weeks? i feel like a slave and have no choice but to signed a very low package because if not i will not be expecting my salary for another month or 2.

and i dont just work 9 hrs a day 5x a week.. i have worked for 15 hours a day for almost one month consecutive days without rest day.

i'm so abused. please help me i'm so desperate and down.

thanks for reading

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2 Re: i wanted to sue my employer. on Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:59 pm


so did they pay you already? if not, then a money claim at nlrc is your remedy

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