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bank loan with PSBank Flexi-Loan

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1 bank loan with PSBank Flexi-Loan on Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:54 pm


Arresto Menor
good day everyone.
i have a Php250k loan with the bank but lost my job late 2009, thus, my payment has become irregular & eventually, i defaulted. before i lost my job i went to the bank informed them that i am losing my job & requested for some form of payment scheme that i can manage while looking for a job. i was advised to make minimum payments & just make up when i get a job. unfortunately, i did not get a job that pays enough, thus, priority was food and rent. sometime june 2010 i went to the bank to offer Php50k initial payment so i can get that payment schedule. the bank refused my offer saying i have to pay atleast Php250+ before i get a payment schedule. recently, the bank sent me a letter stating that my loan has gone up to Php1M & that i should pay atleast Php250k+ before i can get the payment schedule i desparately requested since 2009. due to my frustrations, i blurted that it is better to commit suicide then since i have no other options. bank rep said that if i did, bank will go after my family. i feel trapped and hopeless.
please help, i can offer admin services in return for the help. thank

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2 disappointed on Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:53 pm


Arresto Menor
it is very disappointing to note that my post since june 24 2012...remained unanswered...makes me feel that my problem is not as important as the others or that am just not entitled to anything even free legal advice....sad...i hope others are lucky

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3 Re: bank loan with PSBank Flexi-Loan on Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:01 pm


it's too much for just one lawyer to answer all the questions, but you could have reviewed my answers to past posts with similar problems.

if you didn't issue checks, and don't if you haven't, then all they can do is to file a civil case against you. there you can offer a compromise. when it reaches the courts, they normally will be more reasonable because you probably don't have any property they can execute on.

meanwhile you can keep offering settlements on your own terms, but you don't have to communicate with them at all.

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4 Re: bank loan with PSBank Flexi-Loan on Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:56 pm


Arresto Menor
thank you for this attyLLL. hope is once again restored. your reply is very much appreciated. in case you need help on any admin jobs (filing/typing/scanning on saturdays) during saturday mornings, just let me know and i will readily help...provided of course your office is in quezon city.

after several years (i believe 2010) i suddenly received an email from GCCS and Associates corp telling me to call them for an amnesty program.

i am afraid to call them as i do not want to be harrassed like what happened to me which caused my parents' blood pressure to shoot up and my siblings requesting me to leave our home so that they can inform whoever was calling that i no longer live there. at the time i was ready to end my life but for some strange reasons the letters, emails, phone calls stopped until march 20 2014.

my hunch is that metrobank credit card company has shared my information with PS Bank. recently i filled up a metrobank credit card application form for a possible freelance consulting project. thinking that my chances with the project will be negatively affected, i filled up the application.

though i know that PS Bank and Metrobank are sister companies, i always presumed that my confidential information will not be shared by Metrobank Credit Card company.

now i have 2 problems, a certain Ms. de Lara from GCCS and my chances with the new project.

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5 Re: bank loan with PSBank Flexi-Loan on Thu May 22, 2014 6:11 am


Arresto Menor
Hi Atty, I have an unpaid debt for 3 years now in the Philippines. and I am planning to visit the country. I am ready to negotiate for payment closure. My questions are: What is the best and safest way for me to negotiate with the financial institution? should I hire a lawyer in my behalf? or should I go directly?? If I hire a lawyer, how much would be the fee? just a rough estimate will do. Will they put me in jail assuming that they already re-filed a case against me? Can they file a stafa case against me? your advice is highly appreciated. thanks. mabuhay!

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