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theft charge by my former employer

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1 theft charge by my former employer on Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:39 pm


Arresto Menor
God bless people like you helping ordinary people like us...

i would like to inquire about my present problem with my former call center employer.

i been arrested and bailed in virtue of a warrant last week for the case filed against me of theft. the thing is my former employer intentionally mislead the prosecutor and judge to warrant me by changing my known address instead of q.c they maliciously and intentionally address it somewhere in batangas city which in fact that wasnt my 201 file address and due to this a non appearance from the suppoena was a cause of my warrant. the fact that their previous demmand letter was address to my home address. to make more annoying the legal officer of the company did ask from the branch a copy of my warrant and ask the assistant of policeman to escort him to my home and do arrest me and did cause humilition to the good moral status of my family.

question po;
1. do i have a strong case of purjery against my former employer and can i collect damage amounting to millions for moral damages they done from the time of my termination to the time of my arrest.

2. do the philippine laws have jurisdiction if the illegal transaction happend in other country.

3. can they accuss me of theft for a list of numbers they said missing from their client outside our territory as they said as phone card load ( call cards of other country ) that doesnt belong to them nor they allowed to have it because under their article of incorporation they are just a telemarketer agent for non residential in the philippines.

4. can i also include in my perjury case against them the list of numbers that they use as evidence to file a case against me. because as i see it in my details of arrest that they are all just a bunch of numbers invented without evidence that i did steal it nor it has value in our country.

5. how strong is my case of perjury and illegal termination if they cannot prove of my crime of theft.

6. as advice by the clerk of court (of the judge for my case) that i do made a motion for reinvestigation for them to turn it back to presucutors office for deprivation of information in my side.

as of now i dont have anyone to help me..i dont have any legal represantive to help me against this case of mine because i dont have that money to afford the high price of acceptance fee and other expenses compared to the company that sued me...

attorney please do help me...pls...your legal advice are all i got right now.

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2 Re: theft charge by my former employer on Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:06 pm


6. as advice by the clerk of court (of the judge for my case) that i do made a motion for reinvestigation for them to turn it back to presucutors office for deprivation of information in my side.

this is the best advice that you've received so far. note that you must file the motion for reinvestigation as soon as possible. that way you can be given the opportunity to answer the charges.

as for your other questions, they relate to factual issues and it may be dangerous to answer them without a complete picture.

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