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Floating status

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1 Floating status on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:39 pm


Arresto Menor
Let me start by giving a brief background. I am a callcenter agent and I have been conectec with this company for almost two years. In the prgram that I am working on, we have four metrics and these are the following:

1. Quality - this component measures the correctness of each transaction base on a set of quality guidelines.

2. Customer satisfaction- Also known as CSAT. This is just one component of satisfaction, the other two of which are overall satisfaction (OSAT) and first call resolution (FCR). However, as a measurement, only CSAT is used officially to measure our performance.

3. AHT- average handling time which is the average time spent speaking to a customer and finishing the transaction.

4. Attendance - in our center we are required to have 95% attendance rate per month.

All agents are being measured on all four metrics and are being ranked and divided into quartiles. If an agent is placed on the 4th quartil, that agent will be placed on a perfomance manaement process and if an agent is on the 4th quartile for 3 consecutive times then he will be terminated for non-performance.
I have been performing well as an agent since my supervisors are very tranparent about how I work and what my numbers are. For the past three months, i have performed well except for may which was a bit low since I was at the bottom half but there are still agents who were ranked lower than me. Just the same, for June I was rank number 6 and I was the number 1 agent for July. However, yeterday, before I left for work, I was informed that I need to talk to my manager. I immediately get the idea since this process of placing agents on floating status has been going on for almost three months now.

During the meeting, I raised the question about the basis in selecting which agents to place in floating status. I was told that it was all three components of SATISFACTION (CSAT OSAT FCR) and the scores for the past 3 months were taken into account. I then asked why they are using a different set of metrics which were not communicated to any of us. According to the managers, these are the primary metrics that the client focuses on. THat reply did not adress my primary question on why we are being measure for somthing else when we are aware that thre are specific set of metrics to work on otherwise we will be terminated.

Now I know that placing an employee in floating status is legal as provided by the labor code. The company has 6 months to look for another program which will fit my status. Howeve, I stayed all day yeterday since I was told to proceed to talent acquisition. I was being processed as if I was an applicant and not a regular permanent employee. I went through the series of test and passed them all. I however did not pass the call simulation to my big surprised which was conducted by two recruitment staff.Anyway, I asked them what my options are. THey told me they cannot "hire" me and that I need to talk to the head of the HR department. I went home since i havent slept for two days, balancing school and work since I am also taking up law. I have been trying to contact people from work since yesterday including my TL, manager and everyone else but no one can give me a definitive answer.

So guys do you think my company acted in good faith in 1)using a different set of metrics than the one originally ued to measure performance without informing the agents and 2)to process us like new applicants when being managed to be transffered to another program? Do I have any legal remedies to this?

Thanks in advance. I would greatly appreciate all your insights.

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