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1 LOST MY MONEY IN THE OFFICE HELP! on Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:57 pm


Arresto Menor
My problem is this: I lost my money inside the office. I accidentally left my wallet on top of my locker room. When I was about to go home and approached my locker, I noticed my wallet at the top of my locker. I panicked because I have been hearing stories about the theft that is happening in our office. It's a good thing that there was already a CCTV surveillance camera installed in the locker area, so I immediately reported the incident to the guard as well as to the HR. However, the HR staff told me to just email the incident report. I also reported the incident to the police and had my wallet fingerprinted that day. Then, that morning the day after, I was able to talk to the HR director and asked her if they would allow the police to do a spot investigation, but I was surprised by the fact that she, instead of doing something to help find the suspect, blames me for being negligent and denied giving me a copy of the recorded incident. They said, they are going to investigate the recorded video. After 3 days, I was called by one of the HR staff and allowed me to look at some part of the video that was recorded, then after that I heard no more from them. I was just told by our manager to just wait for the result and if possible avoid talking about the matter. I asked when are they going to inform me about the progress and the result, HR staff told me to just wait and that work is still in progress.

It has been 2 weeks now going to 3 weeks since the incident happened and yet I have not been informed about the result. A concerned person, who is also working in the company and does not want to reveal his identity, informed me how and when the said incident happened and told me about the gender and the position of the suspect. This concerned person also told me that he has been told not to speak to anyone about it. They were hindered from talking about the incident, although they already know who the suspect is. What's worse is, they allow the suspect to come to work every day as if nothing happened. I was deeply disappointed by the fact how things are going on and whenever I followed it up, they would just tell me the same thing - that I just have to wait for the result. And, whenever I was asking them to provide me a copy of the recorded incident, they would discourage me by telling me if the company would allow me to grant a copy of the recorded incident. What keeps me irritated is the fact that they are treating me like a fool as if I don't know what my rights are. I am the victim here and yet they treat me like I am the villain. There were previous incidents of stealing that were not resolved and instead the victims were the ones to blame and were being told that it’s a negligence on their part. They were being convinced that they may have just forgot where they placed it or they may have just lost it somewhere else. The poor victims cannot react anymore since there was no hard evidence for them to present.

My questions are, how long does it usually take for the company to investigate the said incident? Is there a turnaround time considering the time and date of the said incident? What if they refuse to give me a copy of the recorded incident. Given the fact that they have already enough time to investigate the said incident because of the presence of a recorded video which is considered as hard evidence (prima facie), would they still require more time to resolve the case? Do you find any legal implications about this scenario? I am hoping that you could help me enlighten about this matter. Also, am I right about the prima facie thing. I hope you could give me samples about it. I could give you my email if you want me to just discuss it in private. Thank you. God Bless.

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2 Re: LOST MY MONEY IN THE OFFICE HELP! on Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:21 am

since you already reported it to the police, sa kanila ka na magpatulong. hayaan mong sila magconduct ng investigation at ang kumausap sa HR nyo. tell the police HR has video.

expect social discrimination nga lang kasi malalagay sa alanganin yung company at baka paginitan ka pa(and in the end hanapan ng paraan para ma terminate ka).

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3 Re: LOST MY MONEY IN THE OFFICE HELP! on Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:54 am


Reclusion Perpetua
Injustice prevailed in this incident.Given that you already reported the incident to your HR, then if they actually hide the evidence, its obstruction of justice.

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4 Re: LOST MY MONEY IN THE OFFICE HELP! on Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:53 am


Arresto Menor
Attorney, thank you for the reply. I appreciate it so much. The HR director denied permission for the investigator to conduct a spot investigation the day after the incident. In fact, I felt harassed by the fact that she was blaming me for the lost of my money. She even asked me the investigator's name and telephone number and for my lawyer to come. I really felt harassed at that time as If I was challenging them. I was just merely asking for a clearance for them for the investigator to conduct a spot investigation because the time has not lapsed yet as I have been told by the investigator (something about 24 hours) and for a copy of the recorded incident. I gave her the name and the telephone number of the investigator. I was so disappointed by how things has gone wrong, so I just let them do their investigation.

Today, I made a formal letter, two of which, one is addressed to the admin officer for a copy of the recorded video and one for the HR director regarding the incident report to make it formal, both of which is copy furnished to the president of the company. I gave two each for both of them to sign, one for my copy and one for their copy. To my surprise, these people act so fast. Our manager talked to the suspect today but they did not talk to me yet. Right now, I am still waiting for them to inform me about the case.

Thank you so much, attorney and to the rest who commented on my post. I appreciate it so much. God Bless You All.

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