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*HELP* Barangay Complaint of "slight physical injuries and damages"

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Arresto Menor
hello, i've currently just moved to the philippines for college from the States and i live here alone. i got into a fight in a club over here a month ago with a girl (whom i never met, and yes, i'm also a girl)

the last saturday night of july, i went out to drink with my classmates around 8pm. we first went to a bar and stayed there to drink til 12am then decided to go to a club after where there was a fundraiser for one of our teachers. Then after staying at that place we went to another club to meet our friends at another venue. by that time it was most likely around 2am, and mind you, i'm completely drunk at that point and the last place we went to was super crowded and full of people. after being for 20 min trying to get the through the crowd we (my 3 boy classemates, and I) decide to leave since it was way too chaotic and crowded to find our friends. and for me, being drunk, a claustrophobic setting in a dark room with loud music and flashing lights was making me feel sick. So i lead them through the crowd, and at one point i couldn't take it anymore and lost my patience halfway through the place and end up basically pushing through everybody to get out of there. being almost towards the door, i pushed the wrong person and they gave me a bad look so i shoved them outta the way and ended up getting punched in the eye by them. at that point i was super drunk and extremely mad about how i got hit in the face so i started yelling at them to meet me outside. we went outside and all i see was a girl yelling at me so i start yelling back and i assume that she was the one who i pushed inside the club and who hit me. my guy friends insisted on calming me down and bringing me to my friends car that was parked right outside the club. once i sat in the car, i'm guessing they left to settle things with whoever i got into a confrontation with. But as i sat in the car, my blood begins to boil and i get mad about the fact that i got punched in the face. so i run straight out of the car and punch the girl. then we get into a total fight. my friends grabbed me out of the fight and brought me to the car and left right after. so apparently and sadly, this was mostly alot of my fault. and i'm not proud of it at all. Sad i just ended up with a few small scrapes on my left hand, bruises, and a black eye.

about 3 weeks later i receive a barangay complaint at my door for "slight physical injuries and damages" from two girls &assumed that this was from the night at the club. She probably asked around about who i was and where i lived when she found out i went to the same school as her. My first hearing was 08/24 during my midterm exams for school, so i called to reschedule for the following week. that weekend, i received the notice that the rescheduled hearing was 8/30 in the morning. i came to the hearing and she comes with a ripped out piece of paper with written demands saying "moral damages 50K, legal damages 30K, exemplary damages 20K" coming from their "lawyer's" legal advice and preparation. she also shows a scratch on her forehead about 2 inches underneath her bangs saying that it was from that night. she explained that the scar conflicted with her job at the spa because she's embarrassed about the customers seeing it. by then, the scratch has already scabbed and it was only a whitish-pink toned color on her light complexion.

i've never gotten into any legal issues in the States, but if she were to have paid a lawyer for consultation would she have came to the hearing with printed documents of proof of why and how she can charge me for this? or proof of anything? she also didn't come with any receipts of treatment from the hospital or even claims of "dermo sessions" should i be expecting to really be paying 100K or more for this situation? what's the best things i could do at this point? are the odds working against my favor?

i'm sorry for how long this post is. and how its in english. silent but i hope you guys can steer me in the right direction for what i've gotten myself into. and shed some light on what could happen? do i have no choice but to get a lawyer?

i have a second hearing this thursday 9/6. so any help within the next day or so would be great. thank you for taking the time to read I love you

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Arresto Menor
i need legal advice po pls help me kasi po ung kapatid ko nagkaron problema last friday, napa trouble po kasi sya una po sya ang sinapak at binugbog tapos sabi po nung bumugbog inutas daw ni mel so ginawa po nang kapatid ko pinuntahan nya ung mel at binugbog din e namaga po ung mata then after po nun nagpa medical ung kapatid ko after nun punta na sya sa policy para magpa blotter pag dating po dun bigla sya dinakip at kinulong na nang mga pulis kasi naunahan po sya ipa blotter nung mel ang question ko po tama po ba na basta nila kinulong ung kapatid ko na dapat e mag papa blotter lang din tapos til now andun pa po sya e hndi pa naman po nasasampa ung complaint sa court dahil wala naman physcal dahil sat po nang morning un pls help us ano po ba dapat namen gawin? thanks po god bless...

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Arresto Menor
isa pa po tanong magkano po kaya ang bail nun incase mag sampa sila nang demanda? pwede po ba kami magsampa din nang demanda sa kanila? salamat po.

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please, i would recommend trying to negotiate a settlement which is acceptable to you. it might not happen immediately at the bgy level. what she's asking for is too much. even if you are convicted, most judges impose only a fine.

pretty, did the prosecutor file the case in court? if not, then he probably agrees that the arrest was illegal.

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first of all, you mentioned baranggay?

there's no lawyer required in brgy, so the legal fee does not apply yet. brgy will mediate you both parties 3times, they will not go into trial but purely negotiations; and all you got to do is show up and tell the brgy that you are sorry and willing to negotiate for a REASONABLE amount of damages.

the brgy if you are sincere will most likely convince the other party.

i dont know if you are in ayala alabang or whatever brgy, but where i came from within metro manila, a murder is settled at 35k, shooting is 25k.

of course i am in no position if he's asking for 100k from you, if for you it's not reasonable, just go ahead and tell the baraggay.

ps, the girls needed a barangay resolution/recommendation before they go to fiscals office for formal complaint, meeting there is around 3x at 2weeks interval, and you get tot talk to what is called "LUPON", its a group of arbiters. you can resched if needed when it is important.

you can ask the LUPON to look at medico-legal, and to check the damages incurred in the hospital.

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