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Case Advice Regarding NTE

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1 Case Advice Regarding NTE on Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:57 am


Arresto Menor
Hi, i would like to ask for your advice regarding this situation that has happened to my wife.
She works in a call center. her supervisor has some kind of a "grudge" on her because the supervisor isn't doing his job properly and my wife was the only one strong enough to say this during a meeting with the operations manager with the supervisor's team. the supervisor took this personally (i think). then a few days after this my wife was called by her supervisor. the sup had with him a security guard and hr personnel and told her to walk out with them out of the ops floor to a meeting room. she was then told that she made an offense of changing an email address of a customer during the call. she denied it. she was then given a notice to explain form about the offense (she was provided with three sample calls highlighting the offense and proof that she changed them, complete with time stamps and account history). the offense she told me a "zero-tolerance type" of offense, which leads to termination. however, when she showed the evidence, i noticed that the time stamps were incorrect. it shows that during the call, there was an account modification, but it doesnt say what it modified, particularly if its an email address, and more importantly, they also have a screenshot that shows the original email and the changed email, but the problem is that the changed email was during the call, and the original (and correct) email was there AFTER the call was done. if the email shown was correct after the call was done, it means then that she didn't modify it. this is true on all the three cases shown to her. this was what she explained in her notice to explain letter. and during the admin hearing, HR advised her that its just a "technicality and that motive was there still for her to change the email". when hr said motive she meant that my wife might be changing the email to manipulate customer satisfaction scores, but on the fourth call (which they included in the initial questioning but omitted in the notice to explain paper) it was a very good call and that she expecting to get a good score out of that, so theres no reason for her to change the email address. but i still think that the time stamp showing that the email was unchanged after the call is very big proof she didn't do it. HR said (although no decision about the hearing has been notified to us yet) that she will probably get terminated and that they will discuss first what action to take. i wanted to ask you if:
What the supervisor did on the ops floor of having a security guard and hr personnel assist my wife outside the ops floor, everyone seeing her in that situation, looked very demeaning for my wife, needing a security guard and hr personnel to escort her for everyone to see when her supervisor could have simply asked my wife to come with her outside ops floor and have the hr and/or guard waiting at the meeting room. is that sop on some companies (having the need to be escorted out)? another thing is that the hearing took place last aug 31 0:30 am, which was supposedly pay day. but she didnt receive her wages. she contacted hr but was told that her salary was not supposed to be held and that she will look into it. but my wife feels that it was her supervisor who failed to report to timekeeping (just a guess, but a real possibility, given his negative emotions to my wife and incompetence too) there's still no update regarding my wife's salary and it is still not in her atm account. i would like to ask if my wife does get terminated, does she have any valid arguments to make a complaint/file a case? if so, what would the cases possibly be? thanks

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