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Notice to explain possible dissmisal due to insubordination

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Arresto Menor

Good evening. I am a 3 year employee of a BPO company in Makati. I was served a notice to explain memo caused by insubordination that may lead to dismissal. The complaint is below:

The second level manager filed a complaint to HR about insubordination stating "that the discussion continued and manager brought about clarifying the meaning of a message that you posted from a social media site when you became emotional and pointed fingers at the 2nd level manager, that management should stop monitoring social media accounts and that the discussion will not go anywhere then angrily walked out the room."

This would be my very first offense of the said matter. That statement above is incomplete and false. The fact of the matter is, I was gesturing with an open palm towards the image she showed me on the monitor. I was frustrated as we were discussing career growth which she then lead to the social media site. I tried very hard to stay calm and didn't even raise my voice, I even mentioned "with all due respect, I apologize but this conversation will go nowhere if you keep going around the social media site. I am sorry excuse me" before leaving for the door. I believe I handled the situation well despite the harassment berated to me.

The re-posted image was non work related and I was baffled and frustrated why she had to bring that up, point out it was immature, reflected my work attitude saying it was bad and grounds for not being promoted. Here is the said image

I am a 3 year employee of the company, clean track record, I excel in my work statistics and have represented the company several times locally and abroad accepting all assigned tasks like training foreigners which training department should handle and not a common employee. I feel the punishment of dismissal is not tantamount to the offense. specially that this is the first instance.

I feel the 2nd level manager was frustrated as I did not share her ideals, I am not the type of person to agree just to kiss ass. I challenge the opportunity to improve on things when given the correct forum and I thought the meeting was the right place.

I want to know what action I can take here and how better to write my letter of explanation to defend myself.

Your advice on the matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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employers do have the prerogative to monitor social media sites. the issue here is not just your post, but you displayed disrespect to the manager.

ask other who were present to write their accounts and their interpretation of your acts.

nevertheless, while i believe you committed an infraction, i dont believe it should lead to termination.

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Arresto Menor
Thank you AttyLLL. There were only myself and her in the meeting. I would let the administration decide on what they think would be best. I've written my part of the story truthfully and as complete as I can. Thank you!

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