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Stolen phone tracked through Gmail account months later.

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Arresto Menor
Hi all,

My problem, as the title says, is about a stolen phone, but it is different because it was a phone stolen way back in February. It was a Sony Ericsson WT19i Android phone, and this is significant because Android phones require the user to sync a gmail account with the phone.

Anyways, the last time I saw that phone was in Chowking, Morayta. When I realized that it was missing, about a half hour after leaving Chowking, I went back and asked the waiters if they found a phone. They had me talk to the guard, who assured me of two things:

1.) They didn't find a phone.
2.) The female guard personally checks the bags of the crew before they check out.

Assured that I would be notified if they ever found my phone, I left contact details, gave a description of my phone, and left. I did pass by the next day, only to be told that they still haven't found anything. It wasn't long before I gave up and accepted that my phone was irretrievably lost.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I was upgrading the OS of my new phone (which I bought in April and is exactly the same type of phone as the one I "lost"). I turned on the auto-sync for the gmail account, which apparently gets all contacts stored in the account and imports it to the phone. I looked through the contacts and saw many names I don't know, and what immediately caught my attention were the contacts that were named in this format: ck

e.g. ck John
ck Ana
ck Morayta

That last one was one of the actual contacts, and I immediately remembered the phone I supposedly did not lose in Chowking Morayta. I did a bit more checking, looking through Facebook for the few contacts that were stored using the full names of the persons, and I found out that they were indeed employees and managers of Chowking.

Now, my situation is this:

*My phone is in the hands of someone who works/has worked for Chowking Morayta
*The thief didn't log out my gmail account from the phone before using it.
*I don't know the thief's name, but I think I do have his number, as well as the names and numbers of his co-workers and even managers. (The managers were listed as S' Jeff, M' Malou, etc.)

Now my question is what is the best course of action to take because I would like to reclaim my phone or at least get compensation if at all possible.

Thank you for reading through and for sharing your insight.

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given the tech issues, i recommend you file a written complaint to the pnp or nbi cyber crime division

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