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Moral Damage

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1 Moral Damage on Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:15 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi Good Afternoon!
I am charles and currently registered to this site. I just want to inquire the case of my friend which happens to be my officemate. My friend is working as safety officer in our company. he was assigned to oversee the garbage/scrap disposal. One day our scrap hauler and their processor had misunderstanding up to the time the hauler will terminate their processor here in our company and as well as they will terminate their contract to us as our garbage and scrap hauler. Due to this incident the management called for a meeting with the hauler, the processor and our company employee representatives for garbage and scrap disposal.

During the course of the meeting the processor gives a letter to all the attendees about the scrap items which was bought by my friend to their store, those scrap items are the items from our company. The prcoessor said that those items were not yet paid by my friend to the owner of the store and as the processor she said she already paid it with her personal money just to settle the obligation of my friend since he is the safety officer of our company which is their client.

My friend told her that he is not yet paying the said items he bought because the owner said he will just give the payment once they gave already the complete items being reuqested by my friend and since it's not yet completed he did not yet give the payment. Also my friend told the processor that in the first place she was not the contact person by my friend in buying the said items instead the real owner of the scrap store. Also the processor did not mention to my friend that she already settled his debt to the owner of the store and why she is going into the agreement which she is definitely not included in the agreement. In, Addition the meeting was set by the company to settle the misunderstading by the hauler and the processor which affect our company contract. My friend told her that the information she exploded during the meeting is out of the company business, my friend bought the item and will pay with his personal money and the transaction happens out of the company and not working hours, meaning it is personal transaction already by my friend to the scrap owner and our company is already out of it and why she is including this information during the meeting. Beside those items will be paid by my friend and my friend did not use his position to get those items in free. Our company already have internal investigation with this matter and they found out that my friend has did not violated any company rules and regulation with regards to engaging in any busniess transaction with our vendor since its was already personal matter and outside the company premises when happen.

Now, my friend it concern about the issue brought by the processor, he thinks that his reputation was already damage by the wrong information given by the processor during their meeting since it was attended by the management and some company employees. With this my friend is thinking to file a case to the processor, we would like to us if we can file a case for moral damages? If yes, what particiluar case and what are we going to do and the chances to win the case?

Please help us on this matter. Thank you so much and more power!!!


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