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Has my contract been breached? Or can it be voided due to some informal issues in the contract?

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Arresto Menor
I'm 20, I signed a contract to work for the small company 6 months ago without my parents knowing only until on the 3rd month had I been able to tell them.

The contract I signed says I need to be a trainee within 6 months where I need to develop one project to end my training and become probationary which I already did but they added another phase in my training so I still was a trainee.

The contract also said that my work sched is 9am-9pm, but they told me before I signed the contract that I will only need to report for 9am-6pm with the same pay.

The contract has a bond of 2 years, wherein if you resign you must pay the bond.

My father said that the contract should be void because the witnesses names aren't stated, it only contained their signatures.

I resigned a week ago because of health problems that I always get in my workplace since then, but it needs to get approved first.

Now I need to go back on wednesday on that company to talk to them or else they will put me to jail.

My questions are:

1. Has the contract been breached on paragraph 2?

2. Is it legal to put a trainee on work for more than the official hours requirement of 10 hours?

3. Does not providing the name of the witnesses, only their signatures, render the contract voided?

4. I'm having health problems in our workplace, Is it not a legal option to breaking the contract?

5. What should I do about being called to go back to the company

I think I need legal help here if they wish to put me to jail because I can't pay the bond amount yet, and I'm still 20, I can't afford to hire a lawyer, I badly need an advice to what I should do next

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Reclusion Perpetua
normal working hours is 8 hours, excess of that is considered overtime, unless you are doing a compressed work week and it's specified in the contract.

with the witness, i dont think that will hold in court, the fact that you signed the contract, it makes it binding.

if you have health problems, get a doctor's certificate stating that you are not fit to work anymore.

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Arresto Menor
Thank you for replying Patok.

Another question, I know I've read on other threads that I cannot be put to jail just because of resigning with bond especially unjust enrichment, but my boss said that she will do everything to put me on jail.

My situation is, I resigned on a period where I'm near finished with the training and also on the day of allowance payment, I withdrawn all of the money on my atm before giving the notice that I need to resign.

I feel scared about what my boss said, is there anything that can be considered a crime with what I did?

Thank you for your time.

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