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Land Acquisition from being 12years in a property

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Arresto Menor
Hi, my name is Jern.
I would like to ask for some legal advice, if the situation written in here is allowed, what are the possible outcome and what could be done/possible offense/s regarding this situation.

Note: This is real-life.

Situation: Our Barangay officials (captain, councilors, etc) are doing a project with regards to land property ownership. Making excess lots into addressable ones. My Aunt (Let's call her R ), is now taking a claim in our land where she had been staying for almost 12 years. R is my mother's sister. She is a Barangay secretary but not so long in that position(or stuff like that). She has 3 children already and a husband.

The property is owned by my grandmother and or grandfather.

Now, for the story, since R is going to have their 1st child and they cannot afford to rent an apartment, my mother pleased my father to let her sister, R, to create a house just near our house (within our lot). My father agreed but only asked for a wooden house.

Around 2-3 Years later, they turned the house into stone without notifying my father or anyone of us. They just did. My father confronted them and R said that they will eventually leave the property and look for another home. The remains of the house when they left will then be transferred to one of my father's sons. They agreed so the house was now stone. But they never left.

Now, back to the claim, she is saying about a thing regarding TAGGING or LAND TAGGING that is a barangay project (which just started and created chaos among families and property owners) that whoever is living on the house, will get to have a name with the property plus will not be addressed as excess lot (it was called excess lot since it's just below our home and near a stream /sapa). She is now claiming that it was BLOCK 17, where in the 1st place, there was no BLOCK 17 since years ago (ours is Block 45).

My father asked R to not continue what she plans to do for her sake. They even spoke at the barangay hall, cried and agreed not to take upon that land, she even said sorry (the Barangay Captain asked not to log their conversation). Days after, she again is claiming on the said property and even argued with my mother (my mother is R's older sister). R's talking like she never had a sister (where in fact, they are really not gonna be there and put up a house if my mother didn't asked my father and the land owner). She always talks regarding that TAGGING thing that she isn't even explaining to us what is it. In short, she wants the land which she had stayed for almost 12 years.

My father is a security guard at Court of Appeals which why he knows about laws.

My question is:

1. Is that even possible? to acquire a land (which normally is not an excess lot but she adressed it as excess) because she stayed there for almost 12 years and is a house of stone?

2. What can be the possible offenses that is to be carried to her?

3. What are the Laws that includes Property ownership via years of stay? (if there is)

Thank you! I hope you can answer this query.

For any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Prision Correccional
yun po bang lot e registered property/ Titled Property po ba? kanino po nakapangalan? hawak nyo po ba ang titulo?

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Arresto Menor
Yes. We have the title. It was named after my grandmother/grandfather with co-owners as my father and aunts.

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