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Seeking Legal Advise

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1 Seeking Legal Advise on Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:56 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi attorney, i'm new in this forum and im glad that i browsed and came up to your page. I just want to ask for some legal advise regarding my uncles marital issues. My uncle is a seaman. He had been married for several years now. He marry a woman whom he got impregnated when he went back to the Philippines. on his 2nd last come back to the Philippines, they always quarrel because of financial issues. He and His wife bought a house in Batangas and it is being paid monthly and not yet fully paid. I'm quite unsure but my mom told me that the house monthly payment is 25 thousand or so. When they quarrel, he goes to our house or on his siblings house because his always telling us that he wants legal separation to her wife but my father and their other siblings told him that they should fix their problems because they are married.. On his last home coming last October,we notice that he always quiet and thinking about his problems but he doesn't want to discuss on us. my parents told him that he shouldn't think of his problem too much. He often goes to our place whenever he came back here in the Philippines but he doesn't live in our home. One time, his wife texted us that our uncle abandoned them. (his wife is renting a house together with their son and his wife's whole family which is being paid monthly by my uncle)She told us that she doesn't now what to do to our uncle anymore and that our uncle was the one who left. Our Uncle is suffering from a psychological disorder. He is now talking and laughing on his own. it is also hard to get his attention that's why my parents took him to a psychological clinic. my parents was the one who shoulders everything. We texted his wife but she only said that our uncle was the one who left and abandoned them. And that we should not bother her anymore. i also found on my uncles cellphone some texts from his wife, calling him "baliw". and some texts threatening him that if my uncle wont give her 20k monthly, she would go to POEA and my uncle would know what will happen. i think this are the reasons why my uncle lost his mind. What can we file for our uncles right of his wife's responsibilities upon him especially now that he is sick? We are also shouldering the bills for his check ups/lab/medicines. We are afraid to spend the money of our uncle for it may be used against us by his wife. Our uncle also telling us that he wants so sell the house they bought in batangas. Can he do that without the consent of his wife if ever he comes back to his proper mind? is there any law that can we used to file against the abandoning of his wife unto him? And what can we do to force the wife to shoulder the bills of the hospitalizations of our uncle? she always told us that she has no money and that the last salary of our uncle was with him when he left them. my parents and their other siblings mostly are unemployed and has their own family so its hard for us to shoulder all the expenses. We also didnt make use to the money she told that's in our uncle. she always told us that our uncle was the one to choose to leave and abandoned them, but our point is that our uncle was not on his proper mind and she knows that also. so why do she have to stick on the words of an insane person? please help us. Godbless and more power to you. thanks in advance.

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2 Re: Seeking Legal Advise on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:38 pm


Arresto Menor
Please reply po... thnx alot^^

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3 Re: Seeking Legal Advise on Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:57 pm


he can't sell the house on his own. you can file a petition for guardianship so you can take over his assets to care for him.

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4 Re: Seeking Legal Advise on Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:29 pm


Arresto Menor
thanks sir. what about the responsibility of his wife unto him? can we file any case or petition just to make the wife do her responsibility to his husband who is currently having a psychological disorder? please discuss further. thank you so much

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