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Which is better option on unremitted taxes from old employer

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Arresto Menor
Hi i've been working for 4 mos in my new employer, i haven't submitted my form 2316 since i learned that the my previous company has not been remitting my taxes from my first pay since hiring. This is my timeline

( prev employer) (new employer)

Now my current employer is asking me to sign a waiver stating that i shall shoulder my taxes from Jan to Jun for failure to submit 2316. Should i fail to sign a waiver prior to yearend, all my personal exemption (in my case 50k basic exemption) shall be waived.

I want to know how to compute the tax that would be added to me (from Jan-Jun) and compare it against my 50k basic exemption that will be waived.

So as to know which would be more costly for me, signing the waiver OR letting the basic exemption be waived

Thanks and more power

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Reclusion Perpetua

before anything else, you first go to the accounting division of your previous employer. usually, there is a clerk a1ssigned to oversee the withholding and remittance of withholding taxes on compensation. meron talaga iyan. kung maliit ka na company, try mo sa incharge ng accounting division niyo.

isa pang tip, magpunta ka s cashier or sino mang incharge sa payroll niyo. makikita mo doon if nakadeduct ba ang tax. if naka deduct, paxerox ka noong payroll at sabihin mo doon sa accounting staff niyo if me report ba na nagremit sila. iyong bir form 1601c ang hanapin niyo. kasi andun lahat ang withholding taxes. wag mo na hanapin ang pangalan mo sa bir form 1601 c kasi di mo talaga makikita iyan doon. ang makikita mo is iyong total taxes withheld.

ask mo lang iyong accounting staff sa breakdown ng total taxes na iyon. kunin mo ang individual listing ng breakdown. makikita mo doon ang pangalan mo sa breakdown.

wag ka muna sumoko. it does not mean na hindi ka naissuehan ng form 2316 na hindi na nagremit ang employer mo. iba kasi iyan na form. ang form 2316 is a statement ng employer na nagswear sya under oath na nakadeduct at nakaremit na sya sa bir ng tax sa mga employees niya.

minsan kasi, pag hindi nagawaan ng form 2316, kasalanan din ng employees iyan. like hindi sya nagsubmit ng update sa kanyang status by submitting form 1905. meaning, single ka noon tapos nagmarry ka bigla. or wala kang anak noon, pero me anak ka na this year. kaya naiinis ang mga employer minsan kasi mismong employee ang pabaya sa duty nila na mag update ng status nila. kasi pag hindi iyan ma update like sa additional child, maliit ang exemption . so malaki ang tax bayaran. tapos ang magalit, ang employee. pag magalit ang employee, aangal sa bir or kahit saan, tapos mapipilitan ang employer na mag adjust sa remittance nila. back to zero. kaya ang ginagawa ng mga employer, pag pabaya din ang employee, tablahan na lang din sila. parang if hindi ka mag update o submit ng documents, hindi kita iisuehan ng form 2316. kaya hindi naiissue ang form 2316.

ang advice ko lang is wag ka maniwala agad ng sabi sabi kahit pa sabi ng accounting staff mo iyan. dig on the records. hanapin mo. patulong ka sa accounting staff. the records will speak for themselves.

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Arresto Menor
thanks for the reply.

during my pre employment stage sa current employer ko, i was asked to change my RDO from my previous employer to my new employer. so i called BIR asking kung saan ako nakaregister. They informed me na ung RDO ko nanakeregister pa is ung pinaka una ko pang employer (3rd employer ko na to, so my previous employer ung 2nd) meaning if may winithheld sakin na tax ng 2nd employer (previous employer) ko, hindi naman niremit dahil kung niremit nila un dapat nakaregister ako sa RDO nila, and during my hiring stage sa prevoius employer ko i wasn't asked to transfer my RDO, meaning di talaga nila nireremit. So, no need to get the records pa sakanila.

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Reclusion Perpetua

iba ho iyan sir. ang ginamean mo is iyong registration mo as an employee. its another thing ang issue if naremit ba nila ang withholding tax mo.

ganito kasi iyan sir. pag mag remit ang employer ng mga withholding taxes ng mga empleyado nila (meaning, nadeduct nila ang tax sa iyo at iremit nila ito agad sa government), ang kailangan lang nila is TIN number nila para maka remit. kasi ibabayad iyan nila sa government THROUGH PAGBAYAD sa accredited agent bank ng government like landbank, metrobank, chinabank, etc. hind nila kailangan ang tin mo para magremit sila ng tax mo.

to repeat, ganito ang mangyayari:
1. stage 1- hindi ka nila naregister as employee nila
2. stage 2- nagdeduct sila ng tax sa iyo
3. stage 3- pag deduct nila ng tax sa iyo, nagdeduct din sila ng tax sa ibang employees.
4. stage 4- lahat ng total taxes na nadeduct nila, ilagay iyan nila sa BIR FORM 1601 C at iremit nila iyan sa government using the SAID FORM at ibayad nila iyan sa banko agad. MAKIKITA MO DITO sa stage 4 na ito na ang needed lang nila is BIR FORM 1601 C at ilalagay nila doon ang name nila as withholding agent ng government at ANG TIN NILA ang iindicate nila sa form 1601c. walang kinalaman ang tin mo sa pagremit nila ng taxes mo.

so kahit wala ka naregister as employee nila or kahit pa wala kang TIN, hindi maprevent ang employer mo na magdeduct ng tax sa iyo at iremit nila ang taxes mo sa government or lahat ng withholding taxes ng mga employee nila for that matter.

ibang usapan po iyang sinabi mo na wala ka narehistro ang employee nila. me pananagutan ho sila niyan. pero penalty na konti lang iyan.

ang isipin mo is kunin mo ang form 2316 sa dati mong employer. kahit one month ka lang nadeduct sa sweldo mo, obligado sila mag issue ng form 2316.

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5 1905 update on Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:52 pm

caveat emptor

Arresto Menor
i donot understand the reason behind updating RDO's everytime an invidual changes employer location.what is the need for this when no exempton needs to be updated and all taxes goes to the main office of the BIR anyway? my current company refuse to update my status from single to M4 although i have submitted my form 2316 from my previous employer years ago..can I file a case against my employer?

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