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First Cousin Marriage - How we can end this and removed my cousin from our lives

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Arresto Menor
Hi Good lawyers, I want to seek a legal advice from new regarding my Sister and her Drug Addict Husband who happened to be my First Cousin as well from my Mother side. Hope you read my full story.
I will tell first how it happened that my Sister get married with this man. My cousin is an American Citizen and went to visit Philippines with her Mother (my Auntie). Then after few days of staying here they went back to America. But my Cousin went back to Philippines with insidious intention. He already got eyed on my sister who is happened to be beautiful lady. He courted her without us knowing it. By the way, my sister was 19 years old that time and he was around 39 years old. He also had a wife at America that time which he wants to divorce.
My cousin was a car seller at America but no job at that moment. His money came from his mother who is working 3 jobs at States.
We are not so rich family but we are able to eat 3 times a day that time. Both of my sister and I had no job and I’m still studying that time.
Then, there something happen that was not supposed to happen and they were in a relationship for months after they decided to get married. The problem is that my sister is really an “Uto-uto” while my cousin is so “Bolero”. My parents were not agreed with their relationship and they want my sister to stop it already. But my sister was so stubborn and threats our Parents that she will commit suicide AGAIN if they didn’t allow them to get married.
She committed suicide before and I witness it before my eyes. She tried to cut her wrist with a blade and swallow a mouthful of paracetamol. My Parents don’t want this to happen again so they had no choice but to agree with their decision.
They got married at Laguna by the Mayor there. First year of marriage is so fruitful and happy since my cousin was so “Galante” and spends so much money like there is no tomorrow. He is also very helpful with my other relatives because he gave them financial assistance.
They never had a sibling for four years. I had observed in this time span that they are always fighting maybe because he just found out that his sperm count is very small or “Baog”. Another thing is that my cousin is so “Seloso”. When they fight, it likes a war that will wake other neighbours. He speaks so loud. After four years of prayers, my sister got birth with a beautiful daughter but fighting never stops.
The money from her mother never stops as well. He went into different business but nothing really had a success. He might be had no talent in handling money. He is always on spending spree. He tried to sell meat, made a sari-sari store, sell chicken barbeque and litson. He also tried a machine shop. He got a lot of ideas but none had been successful. His problem is he doesn’t know how to listen to other’s opinion.
He made a Bahay Kubo in our house where you can relax. But one day, my other cousin caught him using shabu. We don’t have evidence for that. What we found out that he had taken into rehabilitation at America for drug addiction before. And now he is going back to this state of addiction. My father confronted him regarding this but he never admitted it to us but what he confessed is he is using marijuana. He even dares us to have him in a drug test to confirm it. But it never happened. There is one incident that my neighbour found a shabu peripernalya at his store before.
Then his mother lessens the money she gives. Then he borrowed money from different peoples. Some we don’t know. Naisangla rin nya minsan yun Motorcycle ng pinsan ko na hiniram lang nya. He even borrowed cash from my mother-in-law and still di pa totally nababayaran.
There is one day, that my sister and him had a fight and my mother’s stops them. Then he called my mother Bobo at tanga. So she punched him at his shoulder but unfortunately yung mother ko ung nasaktan. Malaki kasi syang tao.
Because of his frustration on his life, no successful business, no jobs, or maybe no drugs, he doesn’t stay at home. One of my neighbours found out na nagsusugal din sya. Aalis sya ng maaga sa bahay then uuwi ng gabi. Minsan uuwi lang para kumain. Then nalaman nalang naming na sinisiran nya kami sa ibang tao na di naming sya pinapakain wherein di namin sya pinapakialamanan.
My sister doesn’t want to live with him anymore even us don’t want to live with him. We all live in one house (house of my father) my parents, me, my wife and my 2 siblings. We are afraid one day na baka magpaltik ang utak nya at pagsasaksakin nalang kami. Pinapakisamahan nalang sya ng sister ko para di sya gumawa ng di maganda. Sa ngayon nagsisisi na ung sister ko kung bakit di sya nakinig before sa parents namin.
What we afraid of are what he might do with her 5 yrs daughter and my sister as well as my 5 months old son and 7 yrs old daughter. Baka kasi magpaltik ang utak nya at gumawa ng di kaayaaya. Ang gusto sana namin lumayo na sya sa buhay namin. Whenever they had a fight, my sister want to leave na kaso binabantaan sya na hahanapin sila kahit saan man sila magpunta.
Sir, what we can legally do to remove him from our life. He has already dual citizenship. I’m afraid of the security of my family. Baka kung ano nalang ang pwede nya magawa tulad ng mga adik sa TV na pinapatay ang sarili nyang anak at Asawa. Please help.

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if there is a real threat to their physical well being then the proper legal remedy is to file a petition in court for the issuance of a protection order.

if it's true that he was married and her first cousin also, then she can file a petition for declaration of nullity as well.

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