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1 DEATH THREAT on Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:23 am


Arresto Menor
I worked in a callcenter ferm for 3 years as operation manager. During the first 1.5 years in the service the office is paying me 25k a month until I decided to resign as the company is on the edge of closing. after 3 months they hire me again as a new project that requires my experties came in.

I took the offer with an agreement that they should lower down my pay to 20k per month until the company can sustain what is due to me which is 25k per month. However, they took advantage on me by paying me 18k which is just fine because I agree with them provided that i will work also in a different office in a different schedule.

They promise that after 2 months they'll pay me 20k per month provided that I will resign from my other job and so I did.

Everything was doing fine, business was good but I never demanded for a salary appraisal. I can live with 20k for sure.

However, on my third year I foundout that my manager is stealing money from me out from my salary.

All along the owner of the business thought that he is paying me 25k per month when the truth is my manager is only paying me 20k per month.

I snaped the moment I knew it. I seek explaination but all he can give is a "sorry that was just a mistake". But it's too convenient for him to say that as the data I found was like a year a go to present.

Moving on, it was payday yet they didn't said a word. People think they would get paid for that day as what they did before, so considering the past my agents decided not to login and there's nothing I can do with it and I favor them as well.(hehe). Anyways, it made a comotion, people in the management blamed me of what's goin'on which I denied and my agents told them that I had nothing to do with it and it was them decided not to login until they get their pay.

Management did not buy my agents statement, instead they insulted me, questioning my personality and shamed me in front of everyone. I was weak during that time and I reacted and ask them for a fistfight with a quick boxing gesture. I said to everyone "Guys, look at my face...eto yung tutumba sa mga yan, ako ang taong magpapaikot sa pwet ng mga yan".

And just with that statement and with what happened that day, the filed a DEATH THREAT case against me.

Note: I never came close to them, I never said a word to them except with what I wrote here.


I requested a video recording for that day but they refused to give.


Can I sue them for not declairing my exact salary to the business owner?

Now, based on my statement here. Do I have the chance to win the case?


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