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Obligation of the company for the stolen laptop

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Arresto Menor
Jan 2 at 8:30am, I arrived in the office and as per company's policy that crew's bag should left in GF seaman's lodge I entrust my bag to the Cadet's incharge. Cadet actually ask me if there's a laptop in my bag and i said yes, I even check my bag before I gave it then he give me a stub number.
I started to do my errands that day Ifinished around 8:10pm, At GF hallway,I saw Cadet (not in uniform) I ask him of he is a Cadet in he said yes and i told him that I will get my bag. We go inside the crew lounge and I gave him my stub number, I noticed that only my bag is left in the shelf. While Cadet get my bag in the shelf, i saw that he close the zipper of my bag. I ask him why he close the zipper he said, he close it because it is open. I felt something wrong so I immediately open my bag, and to my dismay, my laptop is gone what's left is it's charger. I reported it to the Guard on duty. Cadet said that they're duty is only til 7pm.
I just don't understand why they left my bag unattended. The duty til 7pm doesn't mean they have no obligation to secure all the bags left. They said that the policy is that if there's still bag left inthe seaman's lounge, the cadet in charge should find the owner of the bag.
In this case, can I sue the company and demand to replace my stolen laptop? Are the company obliged? Pls help i already told them that I will not accept what happen and i want a replacement its been a month but no action from them. they said that investigatoon was done and they will wait for the top managements decision.

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Parekoy, you should have made a blotter regarding the latter, then have it attached to a formal letter of complaint to the Seaman's Lodge; there is a gross irregularity on the part of the Lodge Administration. If this is a company, their SMS/ISM Certificate could have been revoked by Accrediting Body; and their system would not pass the ISPS Code. Anyway, the duty during those times that you have checked-in your Bag until the time you have checked it out and discovered your Laptop is missing must be made accountable, this is gross negligence resulting to loss of property. It is the primary concern of Lodges to secure the belongings of an occupant if their house rule provides a locker for each Seafarers. Kulitin mo nang kulitin. Ipa-T3 mo para mabulabog ang Admin nang Seaman's Lodge na yan.

Please be reminded that this advice is based solely on the facts you have narrated and my appreciation of the same. My opinion may vary when other facts are changed or elaborated.
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