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Grave Threat, Harassment, and dog issues.

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1 Grave Threat, Harassment, and dog issues. on Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:31 pm


Arresto Menor
I got a Notice of Hearing from the barangay due to the incident that occurred yesterday against our neighbor and of course because of their dogs.

First of all, they let their dogs out as always, and one managed to get through our closed gate and snagged one of my son's pet chicks. Poor kid saw everything but he couldn't do anything, he's scared of the dog. He went to his dad crying and told him what happened. My husband in rage, despite my plea for him to stay home and let me take care of it went to my neighbor's house. For a small house, they have 7 dogs and no doorbell. To get their attention, he banged on their gate and told them "If I see your dogs in my property again, I'll catch them." My husband went to the homeowners president to complain. On his way home passing by their house, he heard the guy arguing with his girlfriend and he said "I'll go to his house and kick him", most likely pertaining to my husband.

Later on, we got news from the homeowners president that the guy went to barangay to file a report because according to him, my husband banged on their gate, disturbed them, and threatened them.

Second, this was not the first time we had a problem with their dogs.

Third, My son was bitten by their dog last year. We took him to the hospital for him to get his shots. It costs at least 15k for the first round of shots. They paid for the 1st shot which was about 5k, and kept making excuses that the ATM machines around the hospital wasn't working and we had to come back some other time to get the remaining shots. The doctor insisted that the 2nd shot MUST be taken within 24hrs. Tired of their excuses, I called our insurance company and learned that they cover dog bites. I went to their house day after day to discuss some sort of compensation (though I didn't pay anything at the hospital, I do pay for our health insurance and considering the pain and agony they had to put my son through from the dog bite itself and the injections), all went in vain.

I gathered some information from my neighbors who witnessed the incident. When my husband turned around, the guy was pointing at my husband and said "I'm going to shoot you". He then went inside the house to get his gun but his wife stopped. Their maid also confirmed that he took a gun and saw the gun but like I said, his wife stopped him.

At the barangay dialogue

As expected, the guy changed the real story in his favor and played victim card with connections with CIDG.

He said that my husband harassed and threaten them and claimed that my husband said "I if I see your dogs in our property again, I'll shoot you."

Now, that's just laughable since my husband doesn't own a gun and foreigners are not allowed to own a gun in the Philippines.

He also claimed that my husband kicked their gate and broke it, and my husband said "I'm not stupid, I was wearing flipflops and if I kicked your gate that hard to break it, I would have broken at least 1 toe."

-We have witnesses as well that can testify that my husband didn't do such.

He claimed that my husband was trespassing and I said "define trespassing? He was NOT INSIDE of your property, we was OUTSIDE your gate which is obviously outside your property."

- a lot of lies in between the lines. He even bragged about reporting this to CIDG, and as far as I know, CIDG has no jurisdiction over these kind of cases (correct and enlighten me if I'm wrong). He is obviously playing the "Kakilala card."

He also admitted at the barangay dialogue that he did take his gun. (We have everything recorded)

Finally I said, this wouldn't have escalated and this event could have been avoided if you were such responsible pet owners. Our law clearly stated that no dogs should be outside your property without a leash. But now that you threatened my husband's life and you have the intent to do so using a weapon and we have witnesses for that, this is out of the barangay's jurisdiction. Regardless of the issues with your dogs, you have clearly committed making Grave Threats.


We know exactly what needs to be done, and that is to consult a lawyer. I just want to get your opinion on this and what can you advise me before we take the next step.

Thanks you.

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