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How many hours of overtime can a company really ask you to work?

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Arresto Menor
curious lang po. may nabasa kasi akong article sa net kaso for USA lang ata, may ganito din ba tayong law?

from yahoo answers ko lang nakuha ung mga sumusunod
How many hours of overtime can a company really ask you to work?
I understand that salaried workers can be asked to work overtime, even without overtime pay but I mean there are 168 hours in a week, can a company make you work 168 hours? At what point can you get some other entity involved( and what entity)? And if they could make you work unlimited hours, what stops them from making you work for 72 hours straight so you fall asleep at work and then they have probable cause to fire you?


Incognito is right. I am a retired Federal Investigator -- US Department of Labor - Wage hour division.

Unless you have a union contract with the employer the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act of l938 (as revised) has no limit on the number of hours your employer can require you to work. Require you? Yes if you refuse to work as requested, your employer can fire you. -- That is why you call him or her "boss".

However,comma, just because a person is paid by salary it does not mean the person is necessarily exempt from overtime compensations. --- See Regulation # 541.

Even salary employees have a "regular rate". It is a mathematical result of dividing the number of hours worked in any particular week divided by the remuneration of the salary. Then the employer, if the employee is not exempt, must pay the employee the extra 1/2 time for each hour worked in excess of 40 hours per week. (In excess of 80 hours per 2 weeks in regards to hospital employees)

Yes, I was honored many times as the best Investigator in my 7 state region.

Edit: If your employer requires you to work to the point of it being a safety hazard -- he is in big trouble withe OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration. --- If you blow the whistle on him or her, you might want to be fired. Why? Even though he fired you -- he must keep paying you your average weekly earnings for up to 2 years -- whether you ever work for him again or not. -- If he gives you a bad reference for blowing the whistle on him, he can spend 6 months in a federal penitentiary plus then he will have to pay you twice your back wages. ---- It get hairy -- doesn't it?

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