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Land Lord charging high electric rate compare to MERALCO rate.

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Arresto Menor
I'm seeking legal advice regarding my issue to my landlord. My land lord has an apartment rental business which I presume is legal since he as receipts with TIN numbers.
The business is around 50 unit apartments with sub-meter for electricity in each unit. In the contract, it is clearly stated that tenants will pay the kwh consumed which is being enforced correctly. The major concern lies with the rate being charge per kwh which is according to a MERALCO employee is too high. After seeking advice from MERALCO regarding this matter, according to her MERALCO has no control in the amount being imposed by a leessor to its lessee. I've read a post in the internet that according to ERC, regarding the redistribution of electricity to another, ex: land lord to a tenant in an apartment using single electric meter, that the land lord should not over charged meaning making it a business. I've searched over the internet regarding rate of MERALCO and I found out that around 6php for 50khw usage per mount. Imagine how much my land lord gain over electricity for the rate almost 4x what MERALCDO is charging.
I've talked to my land lord regarding the rate and asked him how did he came out with that rate and he said " it's business I don't need to say it to you". I tried to negotiate saying that the rate that should be used will be what MERALCO is charging which is reflected in the MERALCO bill. I've ask for the MERALCO bill to try to compute the correct rate to imposed but again he said "I can't show you the bill". I've failed to negotiate and at that moment I paid my 1st monthly bill since I don't know if I'm on the right side.
If my landlord violates any law regarding electric bill charging, do I have the right to ask my land lord to lower his rate? Is the barangay hall has the power to correct the rate if my land lord doesn't want to?
This is also for all the tenants being charge with the wrong rate.

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Arresto Menor
Same thing is happening to me now. My landlord says she has the power to charge me whatever Meralco rate she wants because the connection is "hers" and the Meralco bill is in her sister's name. I even caught both her (she lives just a few houses down the street) and the neighbor next door jumping my electrical connection and both of them tried to lie and say that it was running off their so-called meter which is total bs because I can clearly see that their lines are running off the connection to my apartment. These people must think I'm some kind of idiot. After I caught both of them jumping my connection, they got on their raggedy homemade ladder to disconnect the jumping lines because I made a big sh%& about it and they were embarrassed that everyone in the neighborhood knows they are thief electrical jumpers. Needless to say, I already told this scam landlord that I am moving out at the end of the month and she can abuse someone else with her Meralco bs.

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