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Refund for Purchased house and lot

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1 Refund for Purchased house and lot on Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:38 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi! I badly need help.
I bought a house from a subdivision in Carmona Cavite.
I have a lot of problems with my developer. Below are the problems that I experienced. (I'm sorry this is too long =( )
1.       The checks that I issued in 2011 were supposed to be returned by the developer. My house should’ve been under pag-ibig but after paying the reservation  and issuing 25 checks for my monthly amortization the developer suddenly informed us that my house will be no longer be under pag-ibig. They advised us to avail of the bank loan instead because pag-ibig was having a lot of issues that time (according to them). I asked them to return the 25 checks that I issued but they haven’t returned them until now.
My bank loan was already approved by metro bank. The amount of my monthly amortization has changed from 7000plus to 6000plus so I was asked to issue new checks.  The first MA was for  my developer while the 11 checks were for Metrobank. I gave them what they needed just to hasten the process. I really want to have my house ASAP.
I asked them again to return my checks and they said it would be returned soon. They even told me that I don’t need to worry about my old them because they’d never use them since I’ve already given them the new ones.
I only use my checking account to pay for my house’s amortization it only has 2500 for its maintaining balance and 7000 plus for my monthly amortization. I have been paying my monthly amortization for 3 months. I thought everything was okay until I got my statement of account from PNB.
The said SOA shows that my developer encashed the old and new checks in April and since my account only has enough amount for my MA, the second check was returned and I was charged a penalty amounting to  P2, 200.
The developer didn’t even bother to inform. I was clueless. I deposited the same amount the next month without me knowing that I didn’t have enough money to pay for my MA because of overpayment for the first MA and penalty hence the check that I issued to Metrobank was returned, my monthly amortization was not paid and I was, again, charged a penalty amounting to  P2, 200.
I went to their office and gave them a letter requesting them to return my checks and pay for the said penalties. I even asked them to give me a letter stating that they are responsible for the returned checks and non-payment of my MA.
They said they’d do their best to fix the problem, but I am devastated because. I have been protecting my credit records for years, but it was ruined due to their negligence.
2.       When I paid for reservation I was told the house would be completed as soon as the equity's paid with 3 months grace period. My equity was fully paid in December 2012, but been 6months and yet my developer still hasn't completed the house.
I was scheduled for first inspection on April 25, when I got there I was informed that they didn’t prepare for it because I was not scheduled. 
I showed them the text message that they sent me and the picture of the paper that I signed for the said inspection. They asked us to wait to verify the information.
We had to wait for a long time and when they came back they just told us that there was a misunderstanding and let it go ‘coz I really wanted to see my house. I was so disappointed when I found out that my house hasn’t been completed.
I was then scheduled for 2nd inspection on May 21, 2013.
The day before the second inspection I sent them a text message to confirm my schedule and they said it was confirmed. “Yes, Ma’am”.
However, after a few hours, they informed me that the inspection will delayed to May 28, because they were not able to finish everything.  They didn’t even apologize nor bother to ask if the said schedule was okay. I was so angry because every time I visit them I to cancel all my appointments, It was very inconvenient for me, but I gave them another chance.
I visited my house on May 28 for the re-scheduled inspection, but then again they sill haven’t finished it, so I was scheduled for 3rd inspection, June 8, 2013.
We went to their office again on June 8, 2013, for the third inspection. They asked us to wait because they’re waiting for the key custodian.
We waited for more than 20 minutes, so I got impatient. I thought, perhaps they haven’t finished it yet and that “key thing” was just an excuse. I decided to go to my house to check and I was right.
The person-in-charge said the Job order was only given that day, so they haven’t finished.
I was really annoyed. They said they have no choice but to schedule me for 4th inspection, on June 18, 2013.
3.       I have already submitted my requirements and I even have the proof for it. I don’t understand why they keep on asking me to submit my requirements. They’ve been doing this since 2011. I wonder what happened to my requirements. I am worried they might be stolen and taken. It has all my personal information so I am really anxious.
4.       During my visit, I heard a lot of people complaining about their houses. Many of them complained about the leak and the electrical wiring safety.
After all the problems and inconveniences I am now thinking twice.  It’s my first time to buy a property. My experience was truly terrible. I don’t want to go through all these things again. I am wonder if it’s better for me to stop paying for it, file for complaints and request for a refund instead, but I am afraid I may not get the full amount.
Are my complaints enough to get my money back? What should I do?  Please, please help.  I badly need your advice.
Thank you very much.

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