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birth certificate, how to cancell the 1st and allow the 2nd

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ed shuck

Arresto Menor
when my child was born, I attempted to sign(acknowledge) the childs birth.. was not allowed as 1. my ID was not"proper" and then 2nd when i went it was closed. now the BC is at the NSO and shows NO FATHER , only Unknown. was tld even if I acknowledge it , the NSO amended copy still will show, UNKNOWN only on the side will it have my name,

 I have made a new (delayed birth)with all the info that was supposed to be on the 1st .yet not filed. can I do this.
as it will be submitted  a new delayed( new birth date) or should I do it with the same date.
 if i continue w/the 1st BC and do the corrections, it will take up to 6-9months according to the city registry
if i submit a new delayed it will be ready in less than 2months or less.
 what can i do, to cancel the 1st NSO/BC? what is the costs?

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ed shuck

Arresto Menor
in this topic, thats now closed it was said....(as answer)

that said, if the first birth certificate was wrong, the proper procedure was to correct it administratively or judicially, not to register a new one.

you can file a judicial petition to cancel the second birth certificate on the basis that a prior one was already registered.
,,can i file a petition to cancel the 1st birth certificate. if the 2nd is what should have been done in the 1st place.

proper procedure.. ?
 if the BC is listed as "father unknown" and if they City reg.

1. will the admend the BC  show that father is now listed or will it be "listed on the side" not on the space provided for "father" ..
it is so important to have father listed in the "proper space" .

2.    is there any procedure to have it "correct" ?
if i understand . the city reg office will just do an admendment. not ADD the fathers name in the space provided,

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Reclusion Temporal
You cannot cancel an OLDER document even if the OLDER document has a lot of errors. I cannot cite the legal basis but olde documents are generally correct. Syempre may mali nga di ba? Pero hindi naman lahat mali po.

I think dun sa part na saan dapat ilalagay ang pangalan ng tatay, dapat sa court proceedings po and not merely through administrative procedures because paternity can be doubted. I am sure the mother is not married to the fath that is why acknowledgment resulted. So i could be wrong but you have to file a court case not only to have the second bc cancelled but have the first bc corcted so that the father entry will be on the correct place and not on the side. E ano yung point sa side? Nakalagay lang doon that you have acknowledged the child and the city registear can actually do that except that if you want to be entered as the father dapat court case talaga.

Not mere amendment but in legal terms correction. 

So for the second bc - cancellation of bc

Sa father : correction of entries.

Consult a lyer for further instructions.

Wag po idadaan sa madalian kasi kung sakali parati lalabas ang 2 bcs

Csts? Contact a lawyer

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