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Final Pay was not given because of Training Bond

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Arresto Menor

Good Day..

I just want to share and seek help about what happened to me with my previous company.

I used to work for VXI Global, I started working for the company last June 18 2012, We signed a contract which include an agreement about the training bond that we need to stay in the company for the next 6 months or else we need to pay 20,000 and will be dedcted on our last pay. But then after 5 months of my stay our account was completely pulled out from the company, We were transferred to a different account but I know that there is something wrong because what they're doing is that if an employee commit even a tiny mistake the immediately terminate it like what happened to me when I was transferred to my new account I did not pass the training i got 88 out of 100 and passing was 90 points and right then and there I was terminated without an option to be re-profiled to a different account I thought that it was unfair  but I let it go. I finished my clearance this February 13 2013 and was given a claim stub and it says that i can get my last pay after 60 calendar days April comes and I started calling their hotline to check if my back pay is already available but week after week i got nothing from them but asking me to call every week to check so last june 28 2013 I went to their office and ask whats why there a delay with my back pay and I found out that it is because of the training bond. From what I know our contract from my previous account was already voided since we were transferred to a different account and I can only remember signing a contract about our new salary but nothing about a training bond because we are just being transferred to a new account we are not newly hired.

Now my question is can i file a case against them because of that? because first of all the account was pulled out and from what im seeing they were just avoiding from paying separation pay so what they did is they transferred us to different account and tiny mistake will led to termination so they can let go of employees without paying for separation pay..

please help me.


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Arresto Menor
wala mn lang ngreply?hmmm

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HR Adviser

Reclusion Perpetua
Please have an attorney read your contract if

1. It was stipulated that should you get a score lower than 90, it can be a ground for termination

2. If it has a training bond.

after that, you could plan your next move

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Arresto Menor
My training bond po....20k it was discussed by hr and its on the contract...i just signed one yesterday...but the thing is why does it have to be 30 days before u get ur first pay out? So tagal....

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you can file a money claim at nlrc

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Arresto Menor

Hi. This may sound desperate but I need your help. I would just like to ask for an advice about my problem.

I'm a fresh Grad last March 2013. Now, I was employed by a Montessori School. We are considered Teacher Trainee and employee as well and so I signed two contracts stating:
1. I will undergo Montessori training as a school meaning free and the school will provide allowances.
2. The Training will consist of:
*PART 1: April to May 2013
*PART 3: APRIL - MAY 2014
* 1 year internship starting June 2013 - March 2014
* 1 year service June 2014 - March 2015
It is also stated in the contract that if I quit, I will be paying 300K PESOS worth of Scholarship. Also, if you intend to quit in the middle, I need to pay for the actual damages for that period of time.
Unfortunately, they did not provide me of the signed contract. Now, I left the school last May 30, 2013 due to my back pain. I already presented medical certificate stating of the severity of my back pain and needs rehabilitation. When I informed them last May 30, 2013 about me quitting, they said that I need to give my resignation letter and med cert stating I'm not fit to work. But my doctor didn't gave me one and my back pain is really unbearable so I failed to pass the resignation letter and med cert.
Now, I received a letter from the school last July 1, 2013. It was written last June 7, 2013 asking me to come back for else I will pay 111,000 pesos for the actual damages. They provided me the copy of expenses.
My questions are:
1. If I will give my resignation letter and medical certificate, is this will still be considered as Breach of contract?
2. If it is still Breach of Contract, do I need to pay for 111,000 pesos? if not, do I still need to pay?
3. I don't have the means to pay the school. What should I do?
Please do help me.
4. What I ignore the letter sent last July 1, 2013? What would probably will happen?
5. I'm not the only one who quitted. We were three trainees. But I was the only one who got a letter stating that I should pay. Why is this so?
6. If Health is my reason of leaving, do they still need to ask me to pay for the actual damages?

I really need your legal advice and it would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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