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Different name on my Birth Certificate and Marriage contract

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Arresto Menor

When I applied for a copy of my birth certificate with NSO, it turn out that my real name based on the copy released by NSO is different from what I am using since I was in grade school, it was very confusing on my part so I go directly to our local civil registrar to secure a copy of my birth certificate, however when I received the copy from the local civil registrar it also bears a different name.

I review the three documents and found out that the three birth certificates bears three different names but all other entries are the same including the registry number, address, names of my parents, date of birth, name of the midwife and her signature etc.

I am assuming that the most legal document from the three is the one issued by NSO, then it apprears that the two are fake documents. The question is, "Is my marriage legal when the birth certificate that I have submitted is the wrong birth certificate at the time the marriage took place" Second, "my children bears my family name, and if the marriage is not legal then would there be any conflict on that"?

Please advise.

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Arresto Menor

I read your posts, I just want to share a little story of mine, with different name, when i am in elementary grades, high school and college, i used  different names, i have discover it when im in college, so the school request the form 307 from where i graduated high school, and so its almost  end of the school, and so the registrar called my attention, they said that the school is not replying on their request.  As there is no such person  existing on the given name.  And so i when to the register to know the real. and it happen that my real name is the existing that im using in college.  So I told I seek advice from the registrar, as what should I do.  All my school records bears different names.  They suggest that I should use the one, that Im using in college, as  Certificate of Livebirth is the valid document.  They say if you insist on the other names which you previously used, they say then you will have problem in the future, you can change it, but a long process and you it will be expensive.  So what i did I follow their advices. I make all the necessary affidavit, and also to the decs to  make correction on all my school records.  And then when I got married the priest ask me, as to why your name was not the same, its different from your baptismal and Certificate of Livebirth. and so I tell to the priest what happen and affidavit was attached. and so my marriage contract follows on the Certificate of Livebirth.  Thats all...See how parents has lapses, when it comes to the documents of their children, they dont know about it. It is important part of our lives..  Thats why from my first born child, before i conforme the   documents for livebirth i read it letter per letter, just to be sure, that all entries are correct....  Thanks for reading...

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Arresto Menor
i have different name in my birth certificate and marriage contract is our marriage valid or not?

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4 Home Owner on Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:55 am


Arresto Menor

I would like to seek advise on how to tackle an issue seen from my marriage contract.

It is somewhat similar on this thread.
The typo mismatch seen between my birth cert & marriage cert was my late mother's last name.

The correct letter was seen from birth cert which is ñ
This was reflected in my marriage certificate as letter n

Does the procedure to correct this mismatch apply to submitting a petition to the Civil Registrar or a lawyer is still required?

Thank you very much.

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