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Consent/Giving Authority to travel - Father

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1 Consent/Giving Authority to travel - Father on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:26 pm


Arresto Menor
hello! i am new to this forum, i decided to make an account and seek legal advise. here is the concern.

Gloria is migrating to the USA. Gloria is married and the couple have a son named Juan. Gloria is the principal immigrant from a petition by her father who is currently residing in the USA. Her husband had an accident 10years ago, Ricardo (Gloria's husband) was also proved to have indecent relationship with the backrided who was DOA during the motorcycle accident. From that, Gloria decided to separate with her husband, and the 2 are not living with each other. Ricardo, after the accident, had a head injury that caused him to be mentally, and physically incapable of providing food, shelter, and day-to-day necessity of Gloria and their son Juan. 10years have passed, and up to this point, no financial support is being received. It is almost like their marriage is annulled.

1 month ago, Gloria received the letter from the US immigration that their petition is already being processed, she decided to pursue the immigration without the knowledge of her husband (like what i've said on the earlier part, her husband is mentally incapacitated). She and her son juan, already passed 3 stages of the immigration, Medical, Interview, PDOS. Gloria and Ricardo are separated, by bed, by home, by love, but not by law.


1. If Gloria and her son migrates to the USA, is an authorization letter needed to be provided by Ricardo?
2. If yes, and Ricardo's family disagree to sign the authorization giving Gloria the authority to migrate with their son, what are the steps to do so that Juan can travel with his mother?
3. If no, what are the legal basis for this?

thank you and God bless!


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Arresto Menor
i have almost the same exact question. the only difference in my case is that we are not married, so our son is illegitimate but the father acknowledged him and is using his last name. hence, i have the same questions as above:

1. If I and my son migrates to the USA, is an authorization letter needed to be provided by the father of the child?
2. If yes, and the father disagrees to sign the authorization, what are the steps to do so that my son can travel with me?
3. If no, what are the legal basis for this?

thank you Smile

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under PH law, son can freely travel with his mother. can't speak on foreign law.

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ed shuck

Arresto Menor
Consent/Giving Authority to travel for the Father by the mother.

since this topic has been brought up.
on allowing the child to travel w/the mother..

what are the "rights" of an unmarried father to take his children out of the country.
either for holiday or to his home country?
what is needed or required to allow this?
the unmarried father does have the "right"
if given permission by the mother. correct?

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Reclusion Perpetua
Red this...

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