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Dispute with Husband

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1 Dispute with Husband on Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:04 pm


Arresto Menor
family matter

Hi. I am a married woman with one child. I currently live with my husbands family. My husband and i separated last July 2012 and my parents took me in. However, he asked me to come live with him again on October 2012. I made it clear to him that before I say yes to his offer, he has to fully understand the consequences I'll face--my parents will no longer support me financially and I can no longer come back and live with them if things don't work out between my husband and I. To clarify things, my husband and I are only 22 and 23 years old, respectively, and we are still both students. He said that he understood and that his mother will support the needs of our son and send us both to school til he finishes law (he's enrolled as a freshmen now). We've been living together since November 2012 but things haven't exactly been perfect. Sometimes our fights become physical. One instance, after I slapped him, he threatened to pour hot water on me. I told him to do it if he can--and he did. I didn't expect him to do it because I was carrying our son who was only a year old. Instead of taking me to the hospital, his father who is a doctor, asked him to rub ice on my back to soothe the burn. The following day, they bought Silver Sulfidiazine to prevent infection. For days I was in so much pain. The wound has healed but there is a permanent scar from my shoulder down to my lower back. I was advised to file a case against my husband, but i didn't. If I did, what case could I have filed against him? His mother also wanted to "hide" what happened by purchasing scar removing ointments for me. Fast forward to July 2013. My husband and I have been fighting for awhile now and now he wants to kick me out. I cannot go back to my parents because they've made it clear that they will not accept me after I turned my back on them and chose to go back to my husband who has abandoned my baby and I twice. My mother in law is supportive of my husbands decision. What choice do I have? What actions can I take? Also, during a heated argument a few days ago, my mother in law told me that if ever I sue her son for pouring hot water on my back and he ends up going to jail, she will kill me. While saying this, she made the gesture of wringing my neck.

To summarize this, my husband and I are both students, we have one child and we are married, we live with his parents and now he wants me to leave the house. Do I have a fight against this?

1. Can I still sue my husband for pouring hot water on my back and leaving scars even if it was a couple of months ago? How about a case against him for endangering our baby? (I was carrying our baby when he poured hot water on my back)

2. Can I file a complaint against my mother in law for not taking me to the hospital? For trying to hide my scars?

3. Can I sue my mother in law for grave threats? For telling me she will kill me and making a gesture of wringing my neck while saying this?

4. What will happen to my baby and I if my husband insists on kicking me out?

Please help me.

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2 Re: Dispute with Husband on Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:49 pm


Arresto Menor
Please reply po. I really need information..

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3 Re: Dispute with Husband on Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:47 pm


yes, you can still sue him. if you will, i recommend you leave the house first and get help from the women's desk of the pnp

you can file a case of threat against the mother in law, but there may be difficulty in proving the allegation

i recommend you bring your child with you.

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