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Officemate Having an Affair With A Married Boss

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Arresto Menor
I discovered through their chat conversations that an officemate has an on-going having an affair with her Boss. The girl is young and has a boyfriend. The man is married and living with wife and kids.

Originally, I did not want to snoop since I am not the wife and it's personal, but I am their officemate and was concerned because they have been slacking off from work from time to time to spend their time together, and so I decided to investigate.

I know I've acquired the conversations in an illegal way, But I cannot just let bad things slip away nor keep mum about it, because I'm concerned about work and personal ethics.

I've considered sending them to all of our officemates, But I didn't because feared that the company will take legal action against me.

Is there anything that I could do so that they could be reprimanded about their affair? Tell the wife? Tell the boyfriend? Tell the other Bosses?

Thank you for your reply.

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Reclusion Perpetua
That is a bit risky situation for you! You could easily lose your job. But it would be smart to save those conversation and take pictures as evidence and send it to the wife to make her aware of their affair.
I know its a nosey thing to do but if it bothers you, then think carefully if your really want to do this.
But remember, you may save or destroy a family in this.
Think carefully do you really want to be the cause of a broken home?

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Arresto Menor
Hello there,

Thank you for your reply. I like the idea of sending screenshots. Should I tell the boyfriend instead?

I know I have nothing to do about this, But with what I've found, I cannot let this slip away. I feel like I'm gonna blame myself someday if something really bad and serious happened and I did nothing about it.

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Reclusion Perpetua
It's up to you! you're the one who is going to ruin someone else's relationship not me! so I don't need to tell you exactly what to do! But as I said earlier, to think carefully and consider what are the consequences, is it a pleasure to you to break a relationship?
If they found out about this, will you be safe at work? or more likely to lose your job? or they may even get revenge to you! You know it is easy in our country to get hired killers! Think carefully!
I guess being nosey is not really a good thing, it may backfire to you!

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in a similar case, the management received an anonymous packet which alleged that their employees were involved in immoral acts. the company looked into their company computers and internal chats, and there was indeed communication between them. we advised that the company (not just any employee) had the right to do that because the computers were company property.

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