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BULLYING: College student being bullied by classmates

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Arresto Menor

I hope someone can at least shed us some light on what actions should be done next with regard to this issue.

I have sister who is 16 y.o and is studying at a state university here in Manila. They have a teacher in one of their subjects who lent the book for research purposes for the class. This girl and i'll tag her as bully1 purposely kept the book and her intention was to have it photocopied and then will just make the book appear out of nowhere. She directly told this to my sister. My sister said no and bully1 still kept it. A week after, the teacher was already looking for the book but no one returned it to her so she got angry and asked the class to pay for the book that got 'lost'. My sister was not there because it was the Christening of our niece. So she was not able to testify that it's bully1 who took it. The next day, my sister told other people that it is indeed bully1 who is responsible for the book that got lost. She denied it and then bashed her online. Calling her a liar and another guy, which is bully2 is accusing my sister took it. I then posted and commented because they have been talking publicly and our last name is being dragged in there. I made a screenshot and this bully2 even posted insults about me as if he is not taking it seriously. They have been sending group sms to my sister saying, 'hindi mo pa kami kilala' etc. Threats that are inflicting psychological distress to my sister.

One event that made us really concerned is this bully1 hit her in the head while my sister was sitting in her chair. One classmate was trying to make them talk and bully1 suddenly hit her and my sister was really caught offguard. Then there was a brawl. My sister pulled her hair and this girl, continously scratch her face, pulled her hair, fought with her. My sister still has bruises on her face.

We filed a barangay and police report and also brought her to the hospital to get a medico-legal report. The doctor strongly advised to get a head CT scan which we have not done yet. The incident btw happened just 2 days ago. I went there twice already to talk with the guidance counselor. At first, the guidance counselor said that these bullies already have records on her office and they will undergo investigation since they have serious violations based on the school's handbook. And much to my surprise, it seemed that the wind turned its direction. This guidance counselor suddenly is taking sides. To top it all, with the bullies. That she suggests they talk first and she will no longer take action unless my sister and the bullies talk.

My question would be, what are the next steps that we should do? I fear for my sister. Her safety is the most important thing right now and these kids are telling they are gangsters so it is not unlikely that they have a peer outside of the school. Anytime they can hurt my sister. I believe this is a serious matter as besides the physical injury they have caused, they are also causing pyschological distress which can be carried by my sister until her adulthood. Any information or insights would be greatly appreciated. Smile

Sorry for the long post but I can see that we have very rare instances of bullying cases being filed. I was trying to research but came up with nothing so I joined this site.

Thank you!


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make your complaint to the counselor written so there's a record of it. elevate the issue to the dean or some other official.

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