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Technically of Points Given

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1 Technically of Points Given on Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:55 am


Arresto Menor
Hi.. I would just like to ask some advise regarding how my supervisor threated which I think is unfair.. I work in a call center. Last month, I was evaluated and place under the performance improvement plan. It was stated that it will start for the month of August. I was told that every week there would a certain goal that I need to meet. However, it was not explained that if it was not reach, I'll be incurring points. On the second week o August, I was awarded with 1 points. Five days after I was awarded 2 points for not reaching the said target. I was worried how points are given that I asked another supervisor how points are given. Then it was explained to me. I understand that I was not reaching the goal, however supervisor should have explained to me and coached me prior to handling the points. Emails were sent in these 2 occasions where it states that I was coached for it. Ask another supervisor if it's going to be a valid points, they said that it will only be valid if I was coached. Records for every coaching an agent is given is always recorded. It will prove that due to technicality, points are invalid.
My supervisor did not coached me for almost a month now. It started when I refuse to do mandatory overtime. Supervisor wanted a 9 hours overtime every week in our team. I reacted to it saying that I cannot do 9 hours of overtime every week. As it would seem like I am working for an additional 1 day especially when my contract says 5 working days only. She reasoned that I don't need to come on my off, provided that I will do extra hour or two after every shift. She pointed out that I am being paid for it, which in return I said that I don't need it. Since then I felt like supervisor is finding ways to kick me out.
I was given a point for being absent. I was stated that point was given due to agent failed to provide medical certificate. Medical certificate was not presented due to the fact that she said that medical certificate will not be honored and points will be given. I have the Skype conversation to prove when she said it. Then informed my teammate that my being absent was not valid. Thus, thinking that I was absent for some other reason. With this, I asked the technicality again of how points are given.
Heard from my manager that my supervisor emailed him about my termination when I informed him my supervisor was threating me. Termination because of not reaching the goal. The goal is set for the whole month of August and it's not even over yet. I noticed that the numbers I have on the evaluation are my score from the last 2 weeks of July which I think is not right as it should be of August. This is another technically I am questioning.
If points given accordingly, I would say that she is right. However, that's not how it happens. I would like to know what advise you can give me about this matter. Do let me know before the month ends as I need to know also what step I could take again my Supervisor. My manager and another supervisor says that points are not valid. HR knew a little about it when I asked for a blue book and question why I am in need of it. HR then emailed my manager about this as well.
My concerns is that when nothing happens and I was indeed terminated. What steps I can take and chances of proving that points are not valid due to technicality.

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