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Loose Ends, The Annulment, The Bigamy and The Family Corporation

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Arresto Menor
Hi Atty,

I hope you have the time to counsel me on a few of my issues. Now that I had just manifested proof of an assertion of truth as party in interest being natural child of parents under an annulment, I dealt with my moral obligation as a christian to follow the 5th commandment, yet helping the justice system by shedding light to the inconsistencies as to the true facts of the case brought by my fathers counsel (the petitioner) against my mother (the respondent) by doing the only ethical way of exposing the datum of a bigamous second marriage my father has with a paramour 18 years younger than he is. at 75, I asked for leniency for my dads violation and pleaded for compassion as he is also declared psychologically incapacitated. His dependent personality disorder only shows that he could not decide for himself, so an author had coerced him to complicity in entering into an illegal marriage. If the first judge was misled, it is obvious that the same commission of sin, is being presented to the petition to mislead once more. I am confident that with those manifestations. The judge will not leave any stone unturned to arrive at a judgement.

My father has shares put in a familly corporation. And I would like to know what constitutes Conjugal Property between my mother and father when their marriage happened before the promulgation of the family code, in 1964. What is Community Property Gains? If my father had inherited all the properties through his parents. Where does my mother share in the conjugal aspect of Dads inherited wealth? from the fruits? whether they have been sold, leased, or invested in a business? and if it was a gain, do they first deduct the supposed value of what was sold for example, and then split it two ways on the gain?

i plan to likewise make a manifest to the intestate-estate court handling our family corporation to the anomalies that the eldest sister of my father being the administrator of the family corp had caused damage to us by enticing my father with the paramour and taking advantage of my fathers incapacity to decide over his affairs stripping us of our right by keeping us away from my father using the bitch (oh Im sorry, I meant the paramour)

Could I ask the court that my mom (who is in australia) take over the affairs of my father through me, her son as her agent, to secure the welfare of my fathers interest in the corporation to be free from further danger?

The Sister of my father and her husband, are the witnesses to the bigamous marriage affixing their signatures in a legal document from the NSO. Aren't they considered as principals to such bigamy? Can I manifest her as unfit to manage the affairs of the corporation for being involved in a crime of bigamy putting my father at risk knowing fully well, he is dec;ared incapacitated? Or do I address the SEC for that?

Thank you attorney.


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a lot will depend on when and how your father acquired those shares. while it may seem to be an inheritance, it might be that the documents of the company will show that he bought the shares, thus it possible that it is conjugal.

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Arresto Menor
inheritance. setup in a corp since 73 to 23 (50 year term). translated into shares. all properties were transferred to the corp title. articles and by-laws.

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