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question on parricide

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1 question on parricide on Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:31 am


Arresto Menor
hello, everyone. i skipped the usual new member intro bit, as i'm in need of some really quick legal advice. i have a friend who told me that she committed murder some 9 years ago when her parents told her to kill her then old uncle (her mother's brother), who was suffering from venous insufficiency, by asphyxiation, i.e. with the use of a pillow. she says she had to do it at the time, as her parents needed him dead so they can make a claim for his house (he had no offspring and was a widower, his sister being his only remaning relative outliving him). they badly needed the house as they went bankrupt and they'd have to literally live on sidewalks if they don't do something about it -- and they did end up acquiring the house.

i do not know how true this story is (afaik it's still hearsay), but i'd like to believe it's true (you can tell when a person is just making up stories). i just have a few theoretical questions.

if, say, she can't bear the nightmares anymore (she told me she's been having some since the crime), and she decides to sue her parents for making her commit the crime, supposing it's been 9 years and there were no signs of foul play when the death certificate came out (i believe her mother said no to having her uncle's dead body autopsied -- she told me that the death certificate states death was natural, i.e. the result of the venous insufficiency mentioned earlier), what steps can she take so she can legally make her parents pay for what they made her do? there's no more evidence she can use against them, as her uncle's body had been buried for 9 years (it should be decaying by now, leaving no trace of asphyxiation).

and since she was the person who committed the crime, will she be exempted from it if she were to sue her parents?

she also told me her mother planned the whole thing. this means her mother's the principal, isn't she?

and yes i think she did mention she was already of legal age when the crime happened. 19, i assume (she's 28 now).

please advice. my friend is being tormented by the endless nightmares she's been having since the crime. she also admitted that she's hooked on drugs (shabu) right now and that she's been doing drugs since having murdered her uncle (possibly because she needed some sort of escape). i would like to help her out, but i'd rather not disclose her name or any other personal information about her.

so to make everything short:

will she be able to file a case against her parents if:
A. there's no evidence (except her written testimony).
B. she's on drugs (she can be discredited with this).

thanks, and god bless us all.

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2 Re: question on parricide on Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:34 pm


Arresto Menor

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3 Re: question on parricide on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:45 pm


she will go down together with her parents.

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4 Re: question on parricide on Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:11 am


Arresto Menor
will there even be a case though? i.e. will the fiscal accept the allegation even when the only thing she has is a notarized affidavit/statement? i have to emphasize, the cadaver was never examined and there was no suspicion of foul play.

thanks, attylll.

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