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No Contract/ Manager Problems

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1 No Contract/ Manager Problems on Wed Jan 22, 2014 4:05 pm


Arresto Menor
I came across this site because I was searching for online help regarding me and my co-workers' problem with our manager.

I was hired as an instructor at this prestigious Music School last Nov. I started my work at Nov. 16. I was offered an allowance of P13,000.00 for my training, and then was told that after, I would have a probationary contract for 6months to P15,000.00. I would get consecutive raises after that depending on my work efficiency and "kung papatunayan ko sarili ko" (as what the manager said)

The next month got really stressful. As my trainee contract ended, she told me and my fellow trainees that she will extend the training for another month as the first month's training was "palpak", and because the renovation for the new branch has been delayed. I didn't feel right as I know it was an excuse for the branch delay. Then, come the second month pay, I was shocked that they already deducted my salary because of TAX and SSS. I asked the manager and she said they will already deduct because the training was last month. I asked her "So I'm already a probee?" and she said no. She couldn't answer me properly. I found out that some of the teachers here only get 13k a month, with tax. I think it's absurd that trainees get more than regular workers? As the 13k was an allowance? So should be the consecutive months be higher?

During the month of December, our manager started being controlling and unreliable in her decision making. She started screaming at teachers and throwing stuff when she had a tantrum/problem with one of us. She even came to the point of screaming "p******** NIYO LAHAT!" and slammed the door from her office.

Her decision making is questionable as I feel it contradicts with the company's interest. Before, the teachers could play music from the store front to attract potential clients. There was a time she told us to stop playing cause it's giving her a headache.

Several teachers have now resigned because of her. She is now hiring unqualified applicants to teach in the school despite them failing at the assessment. We are all worried because these decisions will be the reason of this academy's downfall. They do not suit the academy's best interest but her own.

Some of us have tried talking to HR, One head teacher tried to resign but they stopped him. They assured us that they will put an action to this but it has already been 2 weeks and still, nothing. The manager is aware of all of this, but she does not make an effort to fix this whole mess when it should be her who would start.

As for me, I still have not received my contract for the second month. I am now on my 3rd month, and it is still unclear whether I am already a probee or still floating as a trainee. I am afraid if I keep bringing this up with the manager she might try to find fault in me and terminate me. I have much passion in teaching music to my students, but I am still finding a way to fix this as I value the schools goals and my work.

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