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I was described as 5-6 financier when sending threatening text to people, what case can I file?

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Arresto Menor
Around mid last year, I was approached by a manager of a known drugstore company regarding my role in "5-6" of a former employee of my sister's. He also mentioned "MY" threats thru texts.

The manner by which I was asked was not pleasant, there were customers around who heard everything. He didn't ask to talk to me privately and just refused to believe that my sister and I have nothing to do with it.

The employee was giving out "small loans" and would tell people and it was not hers but her rich employer's.

The employee has been working for my sister for almost 8 years and people here know who she was referring as her "rich employer" without naming names.

Worse, when people refused to pay on time, she would threaten them thru text (susugudin) and described me this time as her " matapang na employer".

The manager got involved when Employee asked for his assistance regarding the  balance owed her by soon to be relieved security guard.

Said balance was deducted from the guard's last salary.

Prior to that, Employee also went to the owner of the security agency with the same story but was refused any assistance.

I was careful not to use the word "nakaw", I just kept on asking... Why the secrecy? Why do you have to drag me into this and described me as the financier?

What made you think I'll let you get away with it?
For the past 13 months, she has been telling people I was her "matapang na financier".

I want to file a case against the employee, but unsure on what grounds. I don't want the case dismissed on technicality . I have no physical evidence or witness except for the manager.

I asked a PAO lawyer and said it's just a "small/weak" case, and I could just claim " extreme/just vexation".

That I could ask the manager for a written affidavit and if he refused then just have him as a "hostile" witness.

In spite of the third degree treatment I got from him, I am still very grateful for what he did. So as much as possible I don't want to anger him.

I want the employee to understand that it is not right to use/ drag people's name without permission, especially when there's money involve, notwithstanding the amount.

And I don't like being used to threaten people to pay up or else...

I'm sorry for such a longggggg post, thanks in advance.

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