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Slight Physical Injury or Assault?

Should I pursue this case to court?

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1 Slight Physical Injury or Assault? on Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:05 pm


Arresto Menor
Let me start with the incident:
This happened at my boyfriend's house. His ex-girlfriend along with her cousin (girl) & 2 friends (boy & girl) came home from a drinking session. Initially the ex pointed towards me saying that I am my boyfriend's girl then her cousin came closer to me and verifying if what she said was true. I said Yes because I know these people are already aware of who I am so there is no point of lying. After responding, the cousin shoved her hand in my face and I fought back which started the brawl. A little later the ex joined in and both of them were on me - pulling my hair, punching me, kicking me while the 2 other friends were just watching as if it was some kind of a cock fight. It lasted for several minutes until my boyfriend and one of his friends arrived & stopped them. (My boyfriend's friend said that he told them to stop and the ex responded to let them be). Eventually they were able to separate us however the cousin still came on to me so another injury was inflicted on me. They have asked me to go inside a room so I did to protect myself. Listening to what was going on outside, the ex was breaking & throwing things at my boyfriend & his friend for them to get out of the way because they were by the door making sure that would not get in. This didn't end until one of the neighbors I think called the police. They took us to the barangay. When I got out of the room, everything was a mess. A lot of dishes were broken, TV was thrown down, our laptops as well (thank god it was still functional). On the way out, the ex & her cousin were already in the police car. Neighbors were all over staring at me & my boyfriend. I felt shame towards those people & fear as well for going with the ex & her cousin because they might hurt me again. The police officer assured me that they would not be able to do that to me anymore because they are there to protect me. I felt assured so I went ahead. When we got to the barangay, one of the people there had a conversation with the ex because she claimed that she is the complainant which the official confirmed that she's not after their talk. She was advised to leave the house & she agreed (but hours after she came back & is still living here up until today). The other party went ahead and we stayed because I filed for a blotter, went to a nearby hospital and got a medico-legal.
They were summoned a month after the incident however only the ex was there because we do not know the address of her cousin. So basically with our 1st encounter, it resulted to me pursuing the case which was tagged "Slight Physical Injury" because she did not show any remorse at all. She & her sister were blaming it on me, that all of this problem/issue happened because I came in to their lives and that I have a relationship with his ex-boyfriend.
So since I pursued the case, we are to have 3 hearings. The 1st hearing both of us did not show up because I was unaware that there was one and we were both unavailable because we had work. The 2nd hearing I was there but she was not. And the 3rd hearing is to happen next week.

I was advised by the Lupon to just settle this because if I take it to court, it would not be prioritized since it is just a minor case, it would take time & money.

I only have ONE question, I would like to know if there is any way then that we can add something to this case to make it more serious.

By the way, this incident has been premeditated. They have been threatening me especially the ex girlfriend. I have printed evidence of their conversation of what they would want to do with me.

Please I need advise. I know it does sound like a minor problem, your typical ex issue but for me it was really embarrasing. I have lived for how many years and I have never had any conflict with anyone, no record or anything like such. I have done nothing wrong and I certainly did not destroy their relationship because my boyfriend said that they were already done when we first started dating. And another thing, I was just released from the hospital 5 days before this happened (kidney problem) which made me lose more weight (I am a very petite girl, I am underweight). The ex has the same built as I am but a little heavier & healthier, the cousin on the other hand is big (I am just describing them so you can visualize how I felt when it all happened, even though I tried to fight back, I was still on the losing end). There was a point at that incident that I was already shouting for my life, hoping that any one of the neighbors could hear me. Because I was able to take a glimpse of the 2 of their friends and they were just sitting & staring at us as if they were enjoying it. I felt helpless and that I could just die at that moment. Remembering all this, brings me to tears every time. I apologize that this is long but I just want to give a lot of details possible. Please help me.

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2 Re: Slight Physical Injury or Assault? on Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:11 pm


Arresto Menor
Just an update:

I went to PAO today to get legal advice. I wasn't really able to speak with one of their lawyers, I think he was a representative or assistant. He was able to address most of my concerns. I am happy to hear what he had to say, gave me some peace of mind. Though not really specifics on what other cases we can add on to the current one I have but he said it would definitely be possible for as long as I have supporting evidence or witness. We discussed about grave threat, oral defamation, moral damage amongst other things.

I am looking forward for any legal advice from this site. I would greatly appreciate it please.

Thank you. I need all the support I can get.

God Bless.

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3 Re: Slight Physical Injury or Assault? on Mon Dec 08, 2014 9:28 pm

karl rove

Reclusion Perpetua
Candice89: I dont think the case is only for slight physical injury. Your medical examination if you had one will show the extent of the injuries you suffered and inflicted. If, according to you, there are threats coming from your opponent then the case would have another angle other than the infliction of those injuries.

Noentheless, if you are interested for further legal assistance, feel free to email me at

Thank you.

Atty K.R.

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