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Help and Advice for FORCED resignation / IMMEDIATE termination

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Arresto Menor
Good day!

Before anything else I want to thank everyone in advance for reading my scenario. This could be a technical issue so I explained detail by detail. Thanks

I am just a regular employee in a research company and had some issues with tardiness, my previous supervisors issued a VERBAL warning, then here comes a new supervisor who issued a WRITTEN warning. I also got a VERBAL warning for "abandonment" ( I took lunch for almost 2 hours, for some personal matters) I came in late again after some time and finally had a meeting with HR manager, supervisor and Operations Manager, they let me sign a (ZTP) ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY effective for 15 days wherein I cannot be late, absent and should not abandon my seat, if I failed I can be TERMINATED. I never came in late for 15 days but my supervisor told me that I abandoned my station for 2 consecutive days 1st was for 3 minutes and 2nd was for 5 minutes, my shift starts at 9:30 but I was at the office around 9, I sat at my station 9:33 and next day was 9:35 and I was reprimanded again and wants me to sign a WRITTEN warning for "abandonment" this happened within the 15 days zero tolerance policy. I refused to sign the letter since it was misleading, it clearly states that I was late.

AFTER the 15 days ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, I did not hear anything again from them until I became ill for 1 day (flu, fever,cough, colds) I did not seek medical attention since its a simple and self limiting illness. When I came back to report for work they are saying that I failed the 15 days ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, they either let me resign or immediate termination will take place! I choosed to resign BUT it was effective a month from the day I filed it, they said that there is no more need to come to work though. As of this day I am not yet fully resigned.

Questions and my opinions are:

1. Was there a correct due process in regards of serving warnings? I only got a written warning for my tardiness and then suddenly they wanted me to sign a ZTP, Should it be that I get a FINAL warning, followed by suspension and eventually lead to termination with proper documentations.

2. Would you consider "abandonment" for me being gone for only 3 and 5 minutes? Considering other employees are even taking meals and others are reporting to their seats as late as 9:45. In my humble opinion my supervisor is on POWER TRIPPING mode.

3. Am I right that after the 15 days ZTP, the documentation will be voided?
I feel they were after my absence that I was sick, which aggravated them and told me to resign or they will terminate me immediately, but still my absence is outside of the 15 days ZTP.

4. What steps should I do to file a case against them if deemed necessary?

I am very devastated with the process they did, there was no correct due process, they scared me to resign or I will be terminated, I still wanted this company to be a part of my resume though for my next employment.

Thank you so much for the time reading this. May God bless you for helping other people without anything in return.

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Arresto Menor

Where can I get help from attorneys? I have no financial ways to get one but I came up with an idea that after we win this case and should there be monetary damages he/ she can collect the professional's fee from there.

I just wanted justice for what happened to my employment, even I am not fully aware of the law this is just plainly absurd  Crying or Very sad 

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Reclusion Perpetua
go to PAO office they offer service for free.

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Arresto Menor
Patok wrote:go to PAO office they offer service for free.

Do I have a strong case/ evidence? Given the scanario? What I only have in hand is the ZTP I signed. Sad

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Reclusion Perpetua
Abandonment only happens when you don't return - if you do return after many minutes or hours, you may be liable for tardiness at worst.

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