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Assasination Threat and Intimidation - Need advice

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Arresto Menor
I got my gf pregnant. She texted me she was positive i was shocked said she said i don't tell anyone because she will abort it. That night she gave the number of a guy who sells cytotec so i texted him and we agreed to meet in the morning. Early that morning my gf texted me she will meet me after i buy the drug. So i drove to another city to meet this guy about half-way she texted she said she won't abort the baby and she is telling her parents. So i texted her i that im ok if she wants to keep it the baby and i will support her and even marry her later on. So i told the guy my gf changed her mind and i went back home then headed to work.

Several hours later she texted me to go their house to face her mother and father and uncles as they are waiting for me in their house. She told me to go there and face them ASAP. I hesitated because i know i could end up either badly beaten(like vhong navaro) or worst killed by his father and uncles. And also i cannot leave because im at work. I told her i would go to their house at 7pm when my work is done.
She didn't aceept this and inisted i go there so i agreed told her to wait for at least and hour as i have to drive there. I was thinking of reasons to leave for emergency for several minutes then i got a call from her father.
He went on to intimidate me and threatened to kill me. He told me to escape the city and go hide right now because if i stay he will find me and have me killed.
After that my gf still insist i go there so i said no your father and uncles with kill me. I said maybe we should wait till their tempter cools down then we can talk. But she won't listen keeps insisting i go there. I refused because i know what will happen if i go there.

Then her sister took her phone and saw our messsages about aborting the child earlier then she told if i don't go to their house they will have me jailed for attempting to abort the baby. I told her it was her idea and she even provided the contact to buy the pills. But they didn't care and insist me to go there or they have me jailed because some of her uncles are in the police.

She keep texting me calling me a coward for not going there and i abandon her and didnt take responsibility but that is not true i promised to take care of her. And later she just left their home and moved to her uncles house because her parents kicked her out.

So i felt guilty so i said ok i will face your parents so i texted the number that called earlier which was her father and he said they don't want to see me anymore and said i better go leave the city now and hide somewhere far because he promise ge would find me and kill me he told he has lot's of connection and it would be easy for him to assasinate my and cover it up because of his police connections. And her sister also texted me and joined also threw some threats on my life and my family.

So My gf is living now premanently with her uncle and they don't want me to go there and see her. She live and work in another city and now she demanding me to send her money for checkup and all needed expenses including food. So recently i just send her 5k for medical check up and 2k for milk vitamins and food she is 5weeks pregnant and it's not like she is broke she works with equal salary as mine but tells me i should pay for everything for her pregnancy and beyond as the child grows up and i should send her a monthly stippend. And she told me that she and the baby will not stay with me and she will not marry me that they will live with her uncle. I just want her to have peace of mind so i agreed to all her request.

But right now im really worried about her familes intention because they want me dead. I wanted to report their threats to me but im afraid to report it to the police because her uncles are also in the police and one have a very high rank.

What do i do?? everyday when i open the gate to go to work and go home from work i feel maybe someone is waiting to ambush and kill me i cannot concentrate on the things i do it really bothers me...  No No No 

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