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salary appraisal

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1 salary appraisal on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:22 pm


Arresto Menor
Hi po, good afternoon. I'm new to this forum so I just created a new thread for my concern, sorry if this violates any rule on this forum. Anyhow I need your advice regarding my appraisal dispute. Here's the story:

In my current company, our evaluation/salary appraisal is every 6 months of employment. I was hired Nov. 2012 for a specific team in the backoffice as stated on my contract, finished the training for a month and all, then after training, me and my co-trainee were informed that we will be transferred to another team of different tasks, but still within the same department, at first I was disappointed of the short notice because I was not really intended for that team, but eventually I just accepted my fate, moved forward and enjoyed my stay in that team. Sept. 2013, our site director informed us that the team I was in, comprised of 17 other people plus our supervisor, will be dissolved due to the future automation of most our tasks so in the eyes of the management we will be useless and our team is not worth keeping, which is not true that is why after they transferred us they created a new team and hired new people to replace us. From backoffice department, we were designated/divided to 3 different departments in the customer service department. The rest became chaos because we still do our same tasks as of our previous team, but we were all separated. The department managers of the 3 CS also went there own ways, ignoring the newly transferred guys as if we do not exist and we only sit-in to their stations because technically we were already transferred.  During that transition period, we do not have any QA nor did they care about the staffing. Since they do not care about the staffing, the normal 4-6 people for the night shift, became 3, then eventually I was left alone for several days or weeks. I informed our HR about this, but the HR manager only told me that she will talk to my department manager, not surprising though that nothing happened. I endured the days passed by until Nov. 25 which is the start of our month-long training for the new department. I only stayed there for a month after training because I asked the permission of my backoffice department manager if I could go back to my previous department because of all the challenges I experienced and lastly my evaluation from that new department. I was evaluated by my new department eventhough I only stayed there for a month. We transferred Sept 17, my evaluation was dated Oct 31. I was on for my 2nd 6 month evaluation from June 2013-Nov. 2013. The evaluation was divided into 4 categories, Personal feedback from immediate supervisor, QA, attendance, productivity. Since my previous supervisor already resigned after the transfer, the feedback was given by my shift manager(2nd in line) in which I was graded fairly. The other 3 categories I was given a failing grade of 2.5, 2.5 and zero, respectively. Obviously with no basis at all because I was only with them for a month still doing my old tasks by the time of my evaluation. I disputed this to our HR, and at first they themselves informed me that my previous dept should've evaluated me in the first place. After two months of waiting, HR finally informed me last Friday that my dispute was pointless and no changes will me made to my evaluation then to my raise as agreed upon by the two departments I was with.  Please help me with this because I do not know what my next course of action would be. I am planning to resign now because I find everything insulting of my abilities after all that I endured for the company.  Thank you. Crying or Very sad 

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2 Re: salary appraisal on Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:18 pm

HR Adviser

Reclusion Perpetua
If you have a union, you can ask for grievance

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