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Fraud company

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1 Fraud company on Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:46 pm


Arresto Menor
I worked for a ‘so called’ company that the chairman/founder said he has an office in Atlanta, Georgia. A big real estate company he said. He was about to start an Event in the Philippines.

He first sent me a job offer as ‘co-organizer’ for his event here in the Philippines. I didn’t accept the offer but my friend who happened to be one of his employee, messaged me as well offering the same position.

So I accepted and tried. Soon as the invited models, prepared for a grand meet up, he immediately gave me a higher rank. Higher than anyone who’s been working for him for months. He said he will build an office here in Makati early next year. And he gave me appointments, and almost every day meetings.

He wanted us to invite and recruit models, or pretty ladies for the different positions including administrative jobs. His requirements were:

1. Should be pretty
2. Age 18-25 years old
3. Female
4. At least College graduate
5. Single. Must show ‘single’ status on facebook
6. Childless

And he requires that the invitations be sent through facebook.

I had numerous suggestions that he all disagreed, like using the website, online advertisements or listings to jobstreet for job applications, having a corporate account in the Philippines. He wants all transactions be done on facebook.

To which added to my skepticisms.

First, for all I know having an international company; it is illegal to recruit employees on facebook. This includes Gender, Age, and Status discrimination

Second, We all work on our own houses and our own expenses. When I found out that one of the employee working for him didn’t get a paid enough for working more than half a year with him.

Third, He requires that all girls working for him should state they are single on facebook

Fourth, He requires us to invite sponsors who are foreigners/rich/ceo MEN.
Fifth, He had a program wherein after 2 years of working in his company; he will sponsor the GIRL, with universal appeal model and to pursue a modeling career abroad.

And so I started doing my research. All the information that he gives and posts on facebook. And come across these findings:
.His so called company is not registered/licensed in USA.
-my fiancé was a licensed realtor in USA. His grandmother and best friend are both licensed realtor. It has been easy for him to track if he is real or not. We tried the name of his ‘so called’ company and his name as well.

.I found out that his former best friend, who owns a big company in Europe was supporting his projects in the Philippines. I interviewed him, and he was asking me about where he is. To our conversation, I discovered that the guy who was claiming he is the CEO of this ‘so called’ company, owes his best friend big amount of money. And his best friend is also tracing him down. His best friend paid for his employee’s salary for 4 months in advanced when he was still supporting his project. When his best friend found out about his ‘dirty businesses’ including selling very expensive tickets for the event in Manila and all the lying, he immediately ran away from Germany.

.I got a lot of information from him and his girlfriend, who happens to be my friend also

.They already confirmed that the attorney’s name and address that he was using is fake. They called the office of the attorney, and his name is not included in the lists of their clients.

.I tracked him down by finding the IP address used in all his emails. And I sent this information to his best friend; although it might not be accurate since this can be faked through spamming also.

. He has a contact here in the Philippines who send money to his employees in Manila. But take note, the money transaction is made via Western Union. I also tracked the location to where it was sent from and who the sender is. I used a different number to text this employee and asked if he knows the CEO, reply was yes. Then asked where the CEO is right now. There was no reply.

.All of the executives stated on his account are not real people, or hes just using their names. They are not on his facebook friends to which he requires all transactions be made.

To these findings, we were still in contact with him and pretend we don’t know anything, since we need to find out where he really is and the other girls working for him really wants to get paid. I didn’t care about the money. But I cared for my co-workers and I want to help.

I constructed an email, with the approval and consent of my co-workers. Included in the email, was a demand that we should be paid. For all the efforts made also the internet, Electricity, transportation, computer rental expenses. Or no reports from the previous career meeting will be released.

He did not reply to this email.

Instead he had one of his executives, who was under my position to fire me. And immediately deleted my account on his emails, deleted and blocked me on facebook and all his group pages. He emailed me this morning and said he will sue me for blackmailing him.

I replied to his email, saying that his attorney in Atlanta doesn’t seem to know him; he is suing me because I demanded to get paid for working; I told him recruiting employees on facebook and discrimination is illegal especially for an international company. I wished his company be successful through facebook and skype.

His reply was: his Chairman, (who is also by my research doesn’t appear to be a real person) is the one in contact with his attorney in Atlanta. And he is suing me through his Attorney here in the Philippines, (to which I asked to give me the details of his attorney including license number, and requested to talk to his board before he blocked me, he didn’t approve.)He said I can file a case if I think facebook recruitment is illegal by the PHILIPPINE LAW.(He claim his company is International)

I didn’t reply further because I find it really funny how he made up all this.

It is clear to me that this is fake, but my friends/ co-workers are still pretending they don’t know anything because they really want to get money from him, which according to him he will send through western union by the weekend. I warned them about not accepting it since he is a criminal, and not to be involved in this dirty business, but they are not listening.

I also want to help track him down because I believe why he recruit models with the qualifications written above is this might me one of those escorting/bridal job in Europe.

mY questions are:
Should the other girls accept the money?
Is it possible that he will really sue me for the email I sent, knowing he do have some money to do so?
What can I do to send this alert to European Authorities or Cyber Crime investigation?

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2 Re: Fraud company on Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:16 pm


they should accept the money because they have to be paid for previous services rendered.

it is technically possible to sue you here for the email. it depends on his evidence whether it will prosper.

you can try reporting the matter to the nbi and pnp in crame. they have divisions dealing with transnational crime. note though, it is not clear to me whether any crime was committed at all.

what is this? he promises guys that he will get them pretty girls as facebook friends?

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3 Re: Fraud company on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:08 pm


Arresto Menor
He tried to send one girl for a European man to marry. That girl is not a filipina, but i can see this is what he was trying to build here in the Philippines, that's why he recruits 'model type' girls in his company, including for the 'administrative' jobs. Which i think will be under the employment discrimination law.

His Company is not legit and is trying to get girls to get rich men to be 'sponsors.' Make them pay for expensive tickets and the commissions promised will not be given. Tickets for a fake event.
He is not a licensed realtor(US), although he claim he owns a real state business.
His Company is not registered.He also uses the 'so called' company as his own. which in fact the company already closed down, and was owned by his former bestfriend's friend.We found out that the names he gave which he said is working for him as his executives, were not related to him at all and is not working for him.

His former bestfriend paid for some employee's salary 4 months in advanced but was not given to us.So he stole the money.He also owes that guy big amount of money and he is currently hiding.

.so it is possible that he will sue me because i demanded to get paid for working for him?

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4 Re: Fraud company on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:26 pm


Arresto Menor
in addition to that, this guy is not in the Philippines.

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5 Re: Fraud company on Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:40 pm


it sounds like some scheme related to human trafficking. unless you were discourteous in your email, i don't think he will have a cause of action against you. it will be useless for him to sue you in the US, so he would have to do it here. the expense of that may deter him along with how unlikely it would be to recover from you.

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