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Tresspassing against personal property? Theft?

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Arresto Menor
Hi everyone!

I would like to get an idea with the current problem that my husband and I are encountering right now. I would really appreciate any response or advice on this matter.

My husband had a verbal agreement with someone for a stud service between our female pug dog and their male pug dog. the agreement was puppy share, wherein we'll give 1 puppy to the sire owner once our dam delivered her puppies. Unexpectedly, our dam only had 1 male puppy delivered. We let the sire owner know about it and they did come to our house to see the puppy. after 2 weeks they came again to see the puppy. it was agreed then that we'll sell the puppy after 2 mons and we'll just share them 3k once its sold. we also gave them our contact information.

before the puppy turned 1 month, he died. We captured a video of the died puppy indicating the date and time for us to show to the owner what happened. the owner's house is in another baranggay and its quite far from ours so we opted to have 1 of our neighbor who got their contact information, know what happened. hoping that he'll tell them the incident.

last sunday, the owner called my mom and was looking for my husband. They were informed that mom was in the mall that and my husband was also not there. they were informed too, that the only person in the house was my younger sister (17 years old). still, they did come to our place and looked for my husband who happened to be having a basketball game that time, not far from our house. they found him and was told to wait. They were impatient that they decided to go to our house instead. They knocked and was attended by my sister but never let them in. They said that an arrangement has already been done with my husband who was playing that they can get their puppy (By the way, we have 2 other pug puppies in one of our cages who are way much bigger already for a less than 2 mos old puppies. They were born from a diffrent dam). So what happened was that my sister moved trying to grab her phone hoping to confirm me (text me) if its ok. But before she grabbed it, they were already inside and was telling her again that they will get their puppy. My sistr said to just wait for his brother since she dont know anything about the puppies. again, they told her that an agrement has already been done and her brother agreed already to get the puppy. My sister still hesitated and said that she dont know how to open the cage. They said they'll do it instead so hurriedly went to the cage and when they saw that there were 2 puppies in the cage, they took 1, assuming its theirs as their share from the pug agreement. my sister said she was afraid that time since there were 3 of them and so just watched them took 1 puppy. they were then informd by my sister to pass by the basketball court where my brother is so he'll know that they already got the puppy but did not and took the other way.

From the incident, it seems to me that they intentionally lied to my sister for them to get in the house and have access to where our dogs are. also Hoping to get answer from their suspicion that we lied to them in the first place.

We filed a police blotter that night. We were informd that we will be handled by the local court of the baranggay for the case of tresspassing against them. we had a hearing early this morning at the baranggay but unfortunately, the owner is insisting that the puppy they got is their share. Basically they don't believe that its from a totally diferrent litter despite of the fact that the size of the puppies are way way much different. I was also kinda doubtful of what the Lupon said that there is actually no crime committed. the hearing ended without resolutionand scheduled for another meeting this Friday.

I honestly dont know much about criminal cases and proceedings so i'd like to know if there's really no crime committed? I don't think there is none. I dont think its right that they can just take something from us without our presence as the owner. Also, what other cases can we file for the incident?

i would really appreaciate any response on this.

Thank you in advance..

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