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threatened to be suspended or terminated by HR

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Arresto Menor
I recently filed a complaint against my manager to the HR director because my manager told my supervisor I am an "evil b*tch" during office hours. Almost all of my teammates heard that and they told me. My manager also kept posting status on facebook & everyone though that post was for me & sent me screenshots.
The following outlines the respective penalties for each category of infractions as per our code of conduct:

MEDIUM: 1st=Written warning, 2nd=3day suspension, 3rd=dismissal
SERIOUS: 1st=3day suspension, 2nd=dismissal
GRAVE: 1st=dismissal
OPEN: management discretion

The complaint I filed was for:

Making false, vicious, and malicious statements concerning the good name of the company, services, products and its employees and officers - GRAVE

Provoking a fight, threatening, intimidating or coercing fellow employee or anybody within company premises or during company authorized functions at any time that could lead to physical injuries or mental anguish. Regardless of who instigated or began the provocation, all parties involved shall suffer the same penalty. - GRAVE

Verbal abuse, stalking, assault within company premises during company functions or anywhere. - SERIOUS

Using defamatory language in written or oral communication within the company premises. - MEDIUM-SERIOUS

Uttering vulgar, profane, obscene language or quarrelling with the use of disrespectful, abusive or offensive language against co-employees, officers, directors, visitors or clients within the company premises where no physical harm was inflicted. - MEDIUM-SERIOUS

We have a policy against using social media not to make personal attacks or speak negatively about employees or customers. Incomplete, inaccurate, inappropriate, harassing or poorly worded posting, slurs, personal insults, rumors, lies & offensive language are strictly prohibited.

I also complained about my manager's unethical behavior & cited examples.

This was the HR director's reply:
We have already done initial discussion and have given an NTE to the concern.
We be deliberating again the explanation letter is discussed.
We will keep you posted as we will definitely need you in the finalization of this issue and pertinent decision.
I would wish to talk to you with HR manager on Thursday. We be sending you relative to this.

But they did not send any invite & the meeting did not happen.
I asked them what the result was & they will not tell me.
I was then sent an NTE about my tardiness, that month I incurred 5 lates total to more than 1 hour. I was told it falls under Habitual tardiness which is a SERIOUS offense.
I replied to the NTE & I also found out that my manager is a close friend of our production director. Our production manager is also the bestfriend of our HR manager
The hearing for my tardiness happened & the HR manager was the one who conducted it. During the hearing I asked what happened to my complaint, she said they only gave a warning to my manager & the other complaints (unethical behavior) was not highlighted. I asked why but the HR manager got irked & said I should also be careful since I have a record (1 day suspension for AWOL) & it can go against me.
I never had any coaching logs/verbal warning or written warning for tardiness but she told me I could be suspended for 3 days or terminated because I already have a one day suspension for my AWOL. I have teammates with more AWOLS & tardiness than me but are only getting coaching logs. I'm so scared right now & I'm losing sleep. I feel so helpless & regretted filing that complaint. I need the job but I feel like they will terminate me when July ends. Is there anything I can do?
Please help.

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