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Electricity Theft

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1 Electricity Theft on Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:10 pm


Arresto Menor
Our neighbor seems to be stealing electricity from us
They have been stealing electricity for almost 2 years now.
Since then we have noticed that our electricity bill from Meralco just suddenly went up ( from 6000-8000 pesos to over 14000 pesos ) which really startled us and we became alert, at first we thought it was just a line that was grounded but we had our lines checked TWICE and there was no problem. So we got suspicious of our neighbor (who was hammering down on our wall non-stop , probably tapping to find hollow spaces in which they could steal some of that electricity fr us), then we got the idea of turning off the main breakers to really see if they're stealing electricity, When they started drilling (using a drill that requires electricity) we turned off OUR breakers and their drill suddenly turned off, coincidence? I think not. To top it off they dont have a wall, we share similar walls on the back side of our houses so it's easy for them to tap. We have disconnected the side where we think they are staling electricity, guess what? We never heard the drill again and they are starting to tap again in my room (right this moment, while im typing this, they are hammering down on our wall and tapping to find somewhere to tap electricity from), We are planning to file a lawsuit against them, since this is against Republic act no. 7832 section 2 b, when we find more evidence. I need advice from you fellow filipinos on how to proceed with this and how to find more evidences, we need someone to investigate on this matter because this is really getting out of hand, can't you belive it? For almost 2 years they stole almost 150,000 pesos from us. We need help.

P.S. Sorry for the grammar lapses and typos, I am using ny iPhone at the moment because my computer is broken.

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2 Re: Electricity Theft on Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:13 pm


Arresto Menor
P.P.S I have not talked to lawyer yet

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3 Re: Electricity Theft on Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:24 pm


Reclusion Perpetua
Report them to a Meralco at once so they know they are stealing electricity which is Pilferage. Meralco will be charging them and take them to court if needed. And you might be able to a discount and Meralco will charge them.
Contact them through here...

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4 Re: Electricity Theft on Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:03 pm


Arresto Menor
But we are not sure if they are really stealing electricity, what if we report them and it turns out that they're not stealing electricity
I have not yet reported

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